Bullmastiff Care

All About Your Bullmastiff Care

Proper Bullmastiff care is not difficult because the dog is rather easy to keep. Bullmastiff feels well in a small flat. This breed likes lying, sleeping and having a rest, that is why the dog should be walked and trained every day to avoid overweight and obesity. But be careful with physical exercises. Barriers overcoming and high jumps aren't suitable for Bullmastiff as it can traumatize legs because of its heavy weight.

Bullmastiff Care

Bullmastiff Needs Careful Grooming

Remember also that Bullmastiff is sensible to high and low temperatures, it bears heavily hit and hard frost. If you decided to adopt Bullmastiff together with the other animal (a cat, a dog etc.), this will affect positively on both because this breed isn't aggressive towards other living beings.

Bullmastiff Coat Care

Your Bullmastiff's coat will be in good condition with regular combing. Use a comb and soft bristle brush to avoid the dog's skin traumatizing and to pull shed hair out. You may use also special dog coat sprays to moisture Bullmastiff's coat between bathes and to keep it in great shape.

Bullmastiff's coat sheds twice a year – in spring and in autumn. You may see some color coat change during these periods of time. It becomes lighter in spring and darker in autumn. Bullmastiff is a low shedding breed, but it should be regularly groomed.

Bullmastiff Health Care

Get Used Your Bullmastiff for Grooming from Puppyhood

Bathing a Bullmastiff

There is no need to bathe the dog often if it is healthy, well groomed and has clean place for sleeping. Do not bathe your Bullmastiff more than once a week. It will better to bathe the dog every other week. Frequent bathing is harmful for Bullmastiff's coat and skin. It is required to bathe Bullmastiff twice during bathing with special dog shampoo. You may use dog hair conditioner for the second bath. If your Bullmastiff has sensitive or allergic skin, use hypoallergenic dog shampoo. You may use dog hair conditioner for the second bath.

Keep the dog's eyes and ears from water. Bullmastiffs are usually shaken after bathing, so it is better for you to stand at a distance during this and then to wipe your dog with the towel.

Skin Parasites

Turn you attention to parasites (fleas and pincers) when you brush your Bullmastiff. You may not notice them because of Bullmastiff's close-lying hair, that is why be very attentive. Consult a vet if your Bullmastiff has skin parasites.

Bullmastiff Coat Care

Grooming Keeps Your Bullmastiff Healthy

Nail Grooming

Trim Bullmastiff's nails once or twice a month. If you hear them clicking on the floor, they are too long and should be trimmed to avoid joints over using and pain in paws. Use special dog nail clippers and do this procedure very carefully. It is better to consult a vet or visit dog grooming salon if you have no experience in Bullmastiff nail trimming.

Teeth Care

Teach your Bullmastiff to teeth examination and cleaning from the early puppyhood. Brush the dog's teeth 2-3 times a week. Keep an eye on the second dentition. Bullmastiff may have poor appetite, a temperature, swollen gums. Give your Bullmastiff dental dog toys and special chewing toys to take care of its mouth cavity and to avoid things and furniture damage.

Ear Care

Examine your Bullmastiff's ears weekly and clean them carefully with a solution, which is recommended by your vet. Take the dog to the vet if its ears have bad smell or discharge.

Bullmastiff Ear Care

Take Care of Bullmastiff's Ears Regularly


Bullmastiff's eyelids are wide open and the dust strikes the eyes, causing irritations. Bullmastiff eye care means regular eyes flushing. Take your dog to the vet if you see infected fluid in its eyes.

Begin grooming your Bullmastiff from the puppyhood to get it used to regular hygiene procedures. Don't forget about praising and rewarding and you will turn grooming into a positive experience!

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