Bullmastiff - All About the Breed

All You Need to Know About Bullmastiff Breed

Looking for a devoted friend? Bullmastiff is the best dog for you! These powerful and strong dogs are ideal companions because they are loyal to their owners and are perfect guardians. Bullmastiff is always eager to be with you, to be the part of your life, but it can behave itself not well, when the dog notices you pay little attention or are unaffected to it.

Bullmastiff Breed UK

Purebred Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs have much tact with children and protect them. These dogs bark rarely. But if they feel danger, you'll hear their very loud voice. Bullmastiff isn't relating well to the other dogs and may be aggressive towards them. That is why it is very important to socialize the dog from the early childhood.

Bullmastiff is considered to be a guard dog. John Rockefeller had Bullmastiff, which guarded his mansion. But these dogs are called gentle giants in very deed.

Bullmastiff appeared in England in the 19th century. It is Bulldog and Mastiff mix. The initial purpose of Bullmastiff use was to protect foresters from poachers. Since Bullmastiffs had appeared in the USA, they became very popular in the cinema. You know one of them, who played a role of a guardian in "Rocky".

Bullmastiff Breed Characteristics

The dog is short-haired. Its coat can be of red, yellow-brown or brindle color.

Bullmastiff Breed Standard UK

Bullmastiff's Head Standard

Bullmastiff has a large wrinkled head with short black muzzle, massive jaws and lots of slobber.

Bullmastiff's hair is thin, that is why the dog bears extreme temperatures very badly.

Bullmastiff needn't much space because they aren't too active. It is rather easy to keep the dog in a flat.

Bullmastiff is a heavily-built, but not a heavy-weighted dog. However, the dog's skeleton should be very strong to hold its magnificent muscles. Bullmastiff's body should be massive, but not long. There exists one great comparison: "Bullmastiff is a gymnast and not a muscle-bound". This comparison underlines the importance of gracefulness and power harmonic balance.

Bullmastiff's skull should be strong, wide, deep, with strongly marked cheeks. The shape is square. The muzzle is short, broad and darker in color, but Bullmastiff has no breathing problems. The muzzle length is 1 to 3 in comparison with the entire head. The stop is moderate. Forehead is flat. Nose tip is black, nostrils are large. It should be flat and not pinched or upturned. Lips shouldn't hang and drop lower than inner edge of under jaw by no means.

Bullmastiff Dog Breed

Bullmastiff's Deep Eyes Make Everyone Melt

Eyes can be dark or hazel, medium-sized, set quite far apart with skin furrow. Ears are V-shaped, darker in color than the body, set wide and high, carried close to the cheeks. They give square appearance to the skull. Teeth are strong, large and set wide apart. Bite is level or slightly undershot. Neck is very muscular, slightly arched, moderately long and almost equal to the skull in circumference.

Chest is deep and wide with well set ribs down between the forepaws. The shoulders are muscular, slightly sloping but not loaded. Forelegs are well boned, straight and set well apart. Hind legs are broad and muscular, medium-sized feet are rounded, toes are well-arched, pads are thick, tough nails are of black color. Back is short and straight. Body – compact. Tail is set high, straight or curved.

Height of males: 25-27 inches, weight – 110-130 pounds.

Height of females: 24-26 inches, weight – 100-120 pounds.

Bullmastiff Temperament

Bullmastiff Is a Faithful Friend

Bullmastiff eats about 3 pounds of food per day.

Life span – 8-10 years.

Bullmastiff is recognized by such Kennel Clubs as CKC, FCI, AKC, UKC, ANKC, NKC, NZKC, APRI, ACR.

Bullmastiff Temper

The dog is loyal, but fearless, having strong protective instinct at the same time. Bullmastiff attacks only if there are no other variants of protection and if the dog does this, the stranger will be knocked to the ground by the dog. Bullmastiff's usual response to dangerous situation is to strike an intruder down and to hold it until the owner gives a command to leave the enemy.

Bullmastiff Health Care

Bullmastiff Is a Gentle Giant

Bullmastiff attaches itself to the family, where it lives very quickly. The dog will be obedient and loving in the presence of people it trusts. But Bullmastiff should be trained to obey and socialized from the early puppyhood. Bullmastiff should be also taught not to pull on the leash. Though, Bullmastiff is tolerant of children and even-tempered, it is not recommended to leave it alone with children because the dog can overrate its strength and hurt a child accidently.

Bullmastiff Health Grooming

Bullmastiff is a low-shedding breed. It sheds twice a year and needs to be combed oftener during shedding. Bullmastiff is easy to take care of, but don’t forget about slobber. It will be good to take a wiper away when you go with your Bullmastiff outside.

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