Keeping French Bulldog in a Flat

Is It Convenient to Keep French Bulldog in a Flat?

YES! Many people live with their French Bulldogs in apartments and feel well. Of course, it is more convenient to keep French Bulldogs in the country for you, but it's out of all relation to the breed. Moreover, we are absolutely sure that French Bulldogs are perfect urban dogs.

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They behave very gently and calmly, they sleep in an armchair the larger half of the day. French Bulldogs are neat dogs. It's also very easy to take care of the dog. It will be enough to clean the dog's paws and belly after a walk. French Bulldog's paws with short hair don't become too dirty. By the way, it's easy to keep clean French Bulldog's short hair and it's not difficult to wash it (just imagine, how it is hard to bathe and dry Collie or Pekinese!). French Bulldogs keep calm when they are washed. Many European breeders keep their dogs in apartments, having Champions and the best dogs in Europe.

Can French Bulldog Become a Guard Dog?

It depends on what do you mean by a guard dog. Guard dog training is unacceptable for French Bulldogs. They are too kind to be guard dogs. But Frenchie will "answer" the doorbell quite impressively.

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French Bulldog's appearance (it's small, but very brave dog) and obvious strength inspire with respect. However, if you're looking for a guard dog, it does make sense to choose another dog breed.

How Do French Bulldogs Apply to Children?

Very tenderly and carefully. These dogs aren't aggressive at all, especially with children. French Bulldogs do well with children, but don't forget that these dogs are very strong.

How Do French Bulldogs Get Along with Other Animals, Especially with Other Dogs?

With no trouble. As we have said earlier, these dogs aren't aggressive, though they are able to stand up for themselves.

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We haven't heard about conflicts between French Bulldogs and other animals (dogs).

How Do French Bulldogs Get Along with Cats?

Great with domestic ones. As a rule, it's a cat, which lords over a dog in this couple. Frenchie suffers obediently the entire cat's tricks. Frenchie will likely chase stray cats, though you can wean your Bully off this habit at a young age.

At that, French Bulldogs do rather well with domestic cats, even with another's (if they meet inside). Anyway, French Bulldogs respect cats indoors, but chase them with a great pleasure outdoors.

Is it Difficult to Feed French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs are medium-sized dogs and they eat not much. They don't suffer from food allergies at balanced nutrition.

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French Bulldog's ration is no different from the ration of any other dog breed of the same size. Frenchies are huge eaters that's why it's not worth to overfeed them. French Bulldog's water bowl should always be full and be kept handy.

Is It Allowed to Feed French Bulldog with Dry Dog Kibble?

Sure. If you choose premium or super-premium dry dog food (i.e. well-balanced and of qualitative composition), you can feed your Bully only with this kibble.

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You may also feed your Frenchie with natural food (+ vitamins). Which one way of Bulldog's nutrition to choose depends on your dog and your vets recommendations.

What Is French Bulldog's Main Destination?

It's a lap dog, but it shouldn't lay on a sofa all the time. You can occupy your Bully as well as yourself with many interesting things. There are many kinds of dog sports together with the owner today. If you're an active person, go for agility, obedience or freestyle with your Frenchie.

Is It Difficult to Take Care of French Bulldog's Hair?

Absolutely not! It will be enough to bathe your Frenchie as soon as it became dirty and to clean your flat more often during its coat changing.

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French Bulldogs need no trimming, tangles and burrs cutting out after walks in the forest.

Is It Allowed to Bath French Bulldog Frequently?

Oh, quite! Current dog shampoos don't de-oil dog's skin and hair; they are acceptable for frequent usage.

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Fortunately, the time went by, when it had been considered that dogs should be washed once a year. We bath our dogs regularly as they like to lie in our beds.

Is French Bulldog's Hair Allergic?

Allergy is caused not by the hair, but by epidermal particles, in other words by dandruff. Any dog may cause allergy, but short-haired dogs less. Dogs' hair cause allergy less often than blossom pollen, chemicals or domestic dust.

How Do French Bulldogs Feel Cold Weather?

French Bulldogs like warm weather more like we do. French Bulldogs are sensitive to cold weather because of their short hair. You can walk your Frenchie in frosty weather without fear, just make your doggie to move more.

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Use also special warm dog clothes. However don't allow your Bully to lie on a cold surface and sit in a draft.

Is It Allowed to Keep French Bulldog in an Open-Air-Cage?

No way! First, Frenchie will freeze without movements in a frosty weather. Second, we consider French Bulldogs' keeping without full communication with its owner unacceptable. There are no one reputable kennel, where French Bulldogs are kept in open-air cages. French Bulldogs should have constant contact with people. They are born for this.

Why Do We Choose French Bulldogs?

French Bulldog is an embodiment of beauty, harmony and love. It's a great piece of luck to keep French Bulldog even in the flat, to be friends with them. They are very kind, fawning, a bit naive dogs, they are not so haughty and steady-going as we see them at dog shows. French Bulldogs have good sense of humor, they are cheerful and playful. All French Bulldogs' tricks are painfully obvious and we don't want to punish them. We don't claim that French Bulldog is the best breed, but French Bulldogs' owner rarely change the breed.

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