History, Origin of English Bulldogs

What Is the Origin of English Bulldogs? 

April 16, 2013 | Bulldog Breed | By British Bully

The roots of English Bulldog breed go back in ancient days – Molossers (ancient Mastiffs), which had been living in ancient Athens, became the ancestors of Mastiffs, Bulldogs and Boxers.

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But they were still very distant relatives of modern English Bulldog and a breed, which doen't exist now - Old English Bulldog. This breed originated due to the hobby of the British for bull baiting. Hence the name of the breed - Bulldog, which is translated verbally as "bull dog". These bloody sights were favorite British shows. The participants of the baiting created for their entertainment a hardy, strong, venturous dog with high pain threshold and being implicitly obeyed to the owner's commands. It is Old English Bulldog, who went down in history as the participant of terrible bloody fights, which give one the creeps.

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In 1835 bull baiting was outlawed. Fights were still provided illegally for somewhile, but they were fallen away in public interest. Dog fighting came into fashion that is why fast and skillful dogs became popular. Old English Bulldogs were vanished as a breed.

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But owing to Bill George, who continued to breed Bulldogs and due to the British awareness of that fact that national pride had been almost out of existence, great and hard work on breed restoration began. The dog was bred with totally different qualities becoming highly valued and faithful family friend. The restored breed became a reflection of the British temperament - it was dignified, smooth-tempered and faithful - the breed, which we see today on a ring in all its charming glory.

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