Fetch Dog Training for Bulldog

How to Train Your Bulldog the "Fetch" Command?

Why should you train your Bulldog to run the "Fetch" command? This is a basic command of dog obedience training, service dog training and gun dog training. Your Bulldog must know and run the "Fetch" command if you are going to take part in Schutzhund and other international championships. Moreover, fetching is a great exercising to keep your Bulldog in a good physical shape and to make outside activities joyful and entertaining.

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You can start fetch dog training from the puppyhood. You will train your Bulldog puppy through the game. The dog should fetch and retrieve training tools and sit at your left foot the right amount of time only from the age of 5 months.

First of all, it is necessary to choose equipment for fetching. It is fetch dog toy for puppies and dog dumbbell for young and adult Bulldog training.

Dog fetch toy should be made of safe, non-toxic and durable materials, such as foam or rubber.

Quality dog training dumbbells are of hardwood and eco-friendly plastic. Weight, shape and quantity of plates, which make the dumbbell heavier or lighter, depends on the stage of fetch dog training and age of your canine.

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Puppy needs small and light-weighted dumbbell. Size and weight of the dumbbell becomes bigger due to your dog growing up. The bar of the dumbbell should be convenient to hold.

How to Throw Dog Training Dumbbell

Take the dumbbell for its edge: a thumb on one side, the others – from another side. Turn a wrist with the thumb up. Throw the dumbbell with your right hand so that not to hurt your dog accidently. Raise a straight arm to throw it back and to make sharp breakthrough forward, having released a dumbbell approximately at the level of your shoulder. The straightened hand continues the movement down (on an arch). Don't twist the wrist during a throw, otherwise the dumbbell will rotate.

If you are a left-hander, throw the dumbbell in the same way. However be careful so that not to hurt the dog. Many trainers advise lefthanders to learn throwing the dumbbell with the right hand. But it is better to do this in convenient way for you. Anyhow, you have to get throwing the dumbbell without your dog.

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Fetch Dog Training

Stage 1. It is necessary to cause a desire of your dog to work at this stage. Attract the dog's attention and encourage it with something (treats, voice, toys). Wrong behavior is corrected with dog training (martingale) collar. Bulldog should be on a short leash at your left leg. You hold the leash with your left hand and the dumbbell with the right hand. Turn left, call your Bulldog and start playing with the dumbbell before your dog's eyes. The moving dumbbell excites the dog and it seeks to catch it. Then give the "Fetch" command and let the Bulldog to grab the dumbbell. Tell "Good boy (girl)".

If the dog holds the dumbbell well, then, having given the "Heel" command, run 10-15 steps, then walk, take the dumbbell away on the "Give" command and encourage your Bulldog.

Repeat the first elements of this exercise until the dog begins to open the mouth readily when you suggest taking the dumbbell and holds it strongly without grasping and chewing.

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Don't hurry to move to the next stage. You will need not a one day of Bulldog training to be sure that the beginning of the exercise is kept firmly in the dog's mind and it will be able to show this at any time. Let your Bulldog be in a good mood and don't forget about encouragement.

Stage 2. Train your Bulldog to retrieve the dumbbell thrown from 1.5-2 meters. Throw the dumbbell with the right hand from below forward as this movement has to become a gesture. Give the command "Fetch" while throwing go to the dumbbell quickly together with your Bulldog.

If the dog grabs the dumbbell, encourage it. If the dog doesn't do this, kick the dumbbell aside. Then run 10-15 steps with Bulldog, take the dumbbell and praise the canine.

Control with the help of the leash (2 m first, then – long) becomes less noticeable. Light-weighted lead, which is lowered on the ground and short dog leash-loop are used.

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Train your Bulldog a few days to learn this skill until the dog studies it completely. Your Bully should like doing this exercise to perform it easily. Teach the dog through the game and reward it generously for success.

Stage 3. The distance of dumbbell throwing is increased gradually (to 15 m). Leg far behind Bulldog when it moves to the dumbbell and stand still with time. Call the dog with the command "Come" when it grabs the dumbbell. Take away the dumbbell and encourage Bulldog when it comes up to you and takes the right position (sits down in front of the trainer or nearby, depending on how it was taught).

Stage 4. Develop delay before giving the command. Sit Bulldog at your left leg, throw the dumbbell in grass or bush for 10-15 m so that the dog saw flight of the dumbbell, but didn't see the hand wave. Give the command "Fetch" in 5-6 sec. and let the dog to search the dumbbell.

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If Bulldog tries to run for dumbbell grabbing without the command, give the command "Sit" and pull the leash.

Help Bulldog in searching the dumbbell by doing gesture in the direction of it and moving to the tool in the beginning. Gradually the delay is increased to 10-15 sec.

Stage 5. Develop giving various in form, material and weight objects.

Stage 6. Training with distracting moments.

Remember that your dog's main task is to retrieve the dumbbell. Don't spoil its playful mood with punishment and nips for mistakes. They should be corrected with regular training. Change the ending of the exercise sometimes so that Bulldog didn't finish it itself knowing usual order.

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