How to Brush French Bulldog Teeth and Why?

Brushing French Bulldog Teeth – How and What for?

Why to Brush French Bulldog Teeth?

This question causes many arguments. Some French Bulldog owners are sure that there is no need to brush dog teeth, but, unfortunately, examination results of vets deny this opinion. If not to take care of French Bulldog teeth, the dog will have serious problems by 3-5 years.

French Bulldog Teeth

Brush French Bulldog Teeth to Keep Them Healthy

Plaque and tartar are not all dangerous consequences of French Bulldog dental care lack. Gum disease is also harmful for French Bulldogs. This disease can lead to severe complications. Orts and pus are collected between a jaw bone and a tooth. This pus may cause purulent cold and trouble free breathing. But inflammation may not stop and go on further: on a brain, on eyes, in lungs. Orts will collect in teeth, plaque and then gums inflammation will appear if not to brush your French Bulldog teeth.

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Such set of problems treatment, especially in advanced stage is rather long and expensive, that is why it is better to brush French Bulldog teeth regularly. Besides, French Bulldog with dental tartar can't apply for good results at dog shows. This will also be against your reputation as a breeder.

How to Brush French Bulldog Teeth?

1. You will need your finger, bandage gauze or very soft cloth and baby toothpowder or toothpaste for the simplest way of French Bulldog teeth brushing.

2. Wrap your finger with bandage gauze in 4-5 layers, spread a bit of toothpowder or paste on it and brush your French Bulldog teeth in circular motions from gums to edges. Do this carefully not to scratch mouth cavity and not to harm dental enamel.

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3. Brush French Bulldog teeth no more than 5 min.

4. Perhaps, you won't clean all French Bulldog teeth on the first try. Repeat the procedure. Don't clean inner side of teeth, the dog will do this itself with tongue.

5. Once or twice a week will be enough for French Bulldog teeth brushing.

6. The main thing is not to perceive this simple procedure as something unpleasant for your both. It will be better to turn teeth brushing into an entertaining game. Don't forget to praise your Bully for obedience!

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7. It is necessary to examine the dog's mouth after cleaning. If you have noticed gums bleeding, rub them with 1 % hydrogen peroxide.

8. You can use a tooth brush also and special dog toothpaste instead of toothpowder.

There are a lot of various aids for French Bulldog dental care, such as dog teeth wipes, dog dental care toys and bones. Get used your Frenchie for teeth brushing little by little. Use different rewards for good behavior before and after the procedure.

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