Types of Bulldog Breeds (Part 3)

How to Identify the Type of Bulldog Breed

Continental Bulldog

This breed from Switzerland is unrecognized by FCI. It is appeared early in the 21st century and was bred from English Bulldog and Old English Bulldog.

Continental Bulldog UK

Continental Bulldog has athletic build, it is Bulldog-like, but active dog. Its height reaches 46 cm, weight is 22-30 kg. The dog's head is smaller and it has fewer wrinkles as compared with English Bulldog. Neck is short and strong. Legs are thickset, forepaws are set much more closer to each other up from English Bulldog. Hair is short, dense, smooth, with our without undercoat. All colors in combination with black nose are allowed: one color or in combination with white, with a black mask or without it.

Continental Bulldog is attentive, self-confident, kind and friendly. It is not aggressive. This sporting and easy-going molossus is quiet at home. The dog is a great companion for walks.

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

This is exclusive and rare breed. Despite the American exterior, it originates from English Bulldog. These dogs were bred in the USA. The breed is considered almost vanished today. Unfortunately, there are about 150 of these dogs only in the world.

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is faithful friend with cheerful temper. These dogs are very active. They like agile games and physical loads. Alapaha is inborn guardian and defender. The height of the dog is 48-66 cm, weight - 25-45 kg. This powerful and aggressive protector of its territory should be kept in fenced territory (f.e. in the backyard). It is forbidden to chain the dog. The canine is suitable for people with active lifestyle, for sportsmen, it needs regular walks, active games. Alapaha is attentive and devoted to the owner.

Alano Espanol

Alaunt Bulldogge UK

Alano or Spainish Bulldog is a large dog with big head. These dogs are best known historically for taking part in bullfight. The height reaches 58 cm, the weight - 40 kg. Today Spanish Bulldog is clever, kind and devoted canine. It is also rare. Alano dogs are quite often used for guard, police, search and rescue work. Well trained Alano is not aggressive, it is always obedient and disciplined. The dog agrees well with other canines, rather good with children, though it doesn't allow to overstep the mark and to mistreat with it (the owner should watch the dog). Alano is attentive and strict with strangers. It is totally patient and calm if doesn't feel danger for the owner and attacks only at aggression.

Buldogue Campeiro

The other name is Brazilian Bulldog. Height - 48-58 cm. Weight - 35-45 kg. The breed is very ancient. It was bred from Olde English Bulldogge, taken to Brazil in the 16th century. The dogs are calm and even-tempered. It is best off all to keep this Bulldog in a country house. Buldogue Campeiro is mentally resilient and well-built. It can adapt to any climate and working conditions. Endurance of the dog is phenomenal – it can walk or run for a long time and is practically not tired.

Brazilian Bulldog has also nice ear, unsleeping vigilance and well-developed mind. The dog is easily trained and remembers commands well. Campeiro realizes subordination and runs the orders always. This is a working dog. It needs serious physical loads. Buldogue Campeiro is a perfect guard or shepherd dog.

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

Catahoula dog was bred near self-named lake in Louisiana (USA). English Bulldog and Leopard dog were crossed to get the breed with the most beautiful eyes. We owe these dogs to cattle-farmers. Massive and aggressive dog with strong jaws and excellent hunting instincts is the result of such a breeding. Unfortunately, meanwhile the breed isn't too widespread. Rather few know about Catahoula dog outside the USA. That's a pity because hardly any dog has as showy look as this dog has.

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

Catahoula is used for hunting and herding. These dogs can bring to heel a herd of cattle, a flock of sheep or a pig herd even in large and open space.

Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog is likely resembles a hound, unlike a typical shepherd dog. But the dog has physical vigor and mobility of professional sheepdog.

Its coat is short and dense of marble or black and tan color. Height is 51 - 66 cm. Weight - 18-23 kg. Eye and coat color are distinctive features of this dog: they complement each other.

The dog is devoted to the owner, it can hardly be recommended as a pet if the one isn't going to use it as intended and to give it a chance to show the inherited working qualities. This reliable defender with strong character is not for anyone.

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