English Bulldog Clicker Training

How to Train Your English Bulldog with the Help of Dog Clicker?

Surely you've heard about clicker dog training. Let's find out what this is!

English Bulldog clicker training is not a saving for lazy owners, vice versa, it's harder work with the dog.

Clicker Dog Training - Origin

This training is based on classical conditioning, when the dog is trained to get food when the bell had rung. This was the beginning of clicker dog training.

English Bulldog Clicker Training

Clicker Is Small, Handy in Use and Hearable Only for Dogs

Training with clicker itself was invented by Karen Pryor, famous dog trainer in the USA.

The differences of clicker training from the other methods:

1. No punishment. Positive action is rewarded, negative – ignored.

2. Creative development. The dog offers actions itself.

The main advantages of English Bulldog clicker training:

Clicker is used only for Bulldog training and not in its everyday life. Clicker has always the same sound. Clicker is very handy in use. Bulldog may not to hear another one learning stimulus in the noise while clicker signal is very well distinguished among the other sounds. Moreover, clicker is perceived by the dogs at a distance perfectly.

Clicker for English Bulldog Training

You Can Always Take the Clicker Along Wherever You Go!

Dog clicker sounds very quickly. It's very often used for tricks teaching and for Bulldog training also. It should be mentioned that if one can't explain the Bulldog what to do with the help of usual methods (positive reward dog training), clicker won't help, but improve away.

How to Train Your English Bulldog with the Help of Dog Clicker?

Let's find out through the example of "Down" command learning.

Click – Treat

First of all we get Bulldog used to click and reinforce trained reflex: click-dog treat. Do this in such a way: take small pieces of dry dog treats, which your Bulldog likes most of all. It's better to prepare 25 pieces, no more, because you can get engrossed with training and the dog may be sick and tired of the process. Take dog training clicker and start: click-treat.

Best Bulldog Treats

Healthy Dry Chew Treats for English Bulldog Rewarding

Divide 25 treats for several attempts with breaks (5x5). Change the interval between the click and the treat giving. Sometimes give the treat at once after the click, sometimes – in one-two seconds. Habituation will become in two-three days. If your Bulldog becomes excited when see clicker or after click, it's high time to go on to the next stage.


Now we start English Bulldog training to run a command.

There are two variants of dog command training with clicker:

1. When Bulldog do some actions itself, showing its creative skills. You are waiting until Bully do what you need, f.e., sits down, then you click and reward the dog with the treat.

Training Clicker UK

Dog Commands Training Is Very Effective with Clicker

2. When you direct the dog to make an action – to sit down. As soon as the action has been made, you click and treat the Bulldog. Dog command "Down" hasn't been told yet in both variants. Go on to the next stage of English Bulldog clicker training when the dog will sit down without any help.


Here we start giving the command "Down". As soon as your English Bulldog has sit down, click, give the command "Down" and only then reward the dog with the treat. 5x5 attempts.


Try to give dog command "Down". If English Bulldog has run it, then click and give the treat to the dog. Do this several times, if Bully sits down not at every command, back to the previous stage and improve the dog's skills.

Bulldog Clicker Training

Teach Your English Bulldog to Run the Commands with Clicker

Then comes Bulldog's skills reinforcement in various situations, at distractions, to control the dog's temper. After the command had been completely improved, we stop clicking, but still reward with treats. We make this accidently, not constantly, so that the Bulldog hadn't lost its interest of the command and it hadn't faded. For example: treat your Bulldog when it run the command completely and right, or after two properly performed commands, the main point is to be unpredictable, otherwise the dog will get used. You need to vary the time of treating.

Don't forget to reward your Bulldog with voice and stroking – these are also very important actions. Give your Bulldog treats less often, but don't deprive the dog of this pleasure. The dog should be rewarded even rarely to encourage the motivation of training. When Bulldog had learned the command, continue further dog commands training.

Useful tools for English Bulldog training, click on the pictures!

Dog Training Belt Pouch Bulldog Water Bottle Bulldog Frisbee

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