Bulldog Nutrition - What to Feed Your Dog?

What to Feed Your Bulldog to Keep It Strong and Healthy?

June 16, 2013 | Bulldog Feeding | By British Bully

Careful Bulldog owners, as a rule, know that their pets should get certain amount of proteins, lipids, carbos, minerals and vitamins with natural dog food during their life. The sufficient content of all listed above substances in Bulldog food has great importance for English Bulldog health, growth and activity.

English Bulldog Nutritional Needs

During such scales of Bulldog life as growth, stress, raised loadings; gestation, lactation (bitches) - animal organism needs supplemental best dog food. You should consider all these factors in keeping your Bulldog.

Each Bulldog owner chooses, whether he will feed his pet with dry dog food or with natural balance dog food like meat with porridge, for example. However, you need to remember that it is better to keep high-protein Bulldog diet. Be advised that protein and lipid excess can lead to dog obesity.

Bulldog liver and pancreas can seriously suffer and dog overweight is dangerous to a puppy as it can lead to rickets. Besides, an excess weight overloads limbs of a little puppy, which bones in joints didn't get strong enough yet.

By the way, grown-up dogs, apart from the fact that overweight dogs don't trigger positive emotions (unless that pity), can have heart problems and heat would be hard for such dogs. Overweight Bulldogs have constant short breathing, they can't be active and their life span is far less than the lifetime of the dogs with normal weight.

English Bulldog Nutrition Info

English Bulldog has to be strong and not fat. That's why you need to supervise dog ration. If you consider that your Bulldog insufficiently "gained weight", then enlarge his portion. But, remember that English Bulldog seems such a roly poly not because it has poochy tummy, but because English Bulldog must be a big-boned animal with developed breast and muscles. If Bulldog's exterior has no the described qualities by nature, you shouldn't torment it. After all, overstuffed Bulldog has more problems with its health and suffers from allergy.

Nutrition, forbidden for Bulldog:

  • Stale, bad food (always check BUBD).
  • Trade products with chemical additives.
  • Deviled food when you feed your Bully up from your table.
  • Hot and cold food.
  • Poor quality water.
  • Uneatable products - synthetic sausage and cheese coating.
  • Pot barley and other porridges, when overcooked.
  • Poultry and rabbit bones (it's better not to treat with bones at all, except beef tendrons).
  • Sweets, sausages, smoked products.
  • Not to overfeed Bulldog.

It will be very useful for you to look through Bulldog feeding guideline for making natural balanced ration for your beloved Bully.