English Bulldog ID Tag - Small, But Very Important Detail

Why Does Your Bulldog Need an ID Tag?

As a rule, many Bulldog owners, which could return their lost pets home, understand that ID tag for a dog collar or a harness would do their coming back much faster and that they shouldn't rely on the case of their canines losing can't happen.

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The reasons of such incidents may be different, but if not to be too lazy to put on Bulldog's collar or harness the ID tag, this doesn't negate the need for attentive and responsible dog keeping, but gives your pet a great chance to avoid danger and to come back home as quickly as possible. Besides, Bulldog with ID tag has more chances that someone will help it, because it will be much easier for a person to do this having your contact info. Moreover, when people see dogs with ID tags, they understand that pets are important for their owners.

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Your Bulldog should wear the ID tag always when it is outside. Attach it to the collar or to the harness or get special personalized dog collar with ID tag (name plate). The collar or the harness itself should be very reliable because if they aren't secure enough, they can be unfastened or torn at hard pulling.

It is desirable the collar to be without rough edges to make its wearing maximum comfortable, to avoid rubbing, hair damage and skin irritation. It is better to choose contrast, bright color of the collar (harness) for your Bulldog to make the outfit visible for those who will see the dog and will be suggested the thought that some info could be on the item the Bulldog wears.

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ID tags for dogs can be of various kinds. It is very important to choose the tag that will keep your info from getting wet, fading in the sun, deleting. If it is dog ID tube, pay attention at a tag, it should be solid and a ring should be sound. Unfortunately, many ID tubes for dogs are sold with small and with not strong enough rings. It is highly important to change such a ring to another one, more reliable, especially if you have an active Bulldog to avoid the ID tube losing. If you choose a collar with name plate (ID tag), pay attention to how the plate is fixed to the collar. It should be reliably riveted to hold firmly.

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Engave the Dog's Name and Your Contact Info on the Plate

The ID tag should be chosen individually, depending on the size, age of the Bulldog and your preferences. Little ID tube or dog collar with ID tag is suitable for puppies and medium-sized Bulldogs. Many owners complain that tubes are untwisted and the lower part with contact info is lost, but if to twist the tube harder, everything will be fine. Dog ID tubes are convenient, they don't bother Bulldogs, don't scratch owners, look like adornments, but they aren't noticeable on large Bulldogs. But this ID tube is cheap and it is better to put on your Bulldog such a tug than nothing, even if it is temporary.

Dog collars with name plates or ID tags look showy on Bulldogs. Their main difference is that your Bulldog's name and your contact info are engraved on such a tag. These collars are a more expensive, but they are more reliable and noticeable. You can also buy such a plate separately and attach it to any collar you like, but watch the plate to be thick enough not to break and fix the plate securely to the collar.

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