How to Teach English Bulldog to Come on Command

English Bulldog Training to Come on Command

You have no right to make your English Bulldog to run the "Come" command until you hadn't explained the dog what you want from it.

Show your Bulldog a treat and make it follow your hand with a delicious piece for a while. Give the treat to the Bulldog. Repeat this action once again and make English Bulldog to do a circle following your hand. You stand still at this time. Treat the dog. Make a motion with the treat in your left hand, let your Bulldog to follow the hand to your left leg and make the circle along it. Then you put your hand up so that the dog would sit at your knee. If it's a bit difficult for you at the beginning, you can move a little, but don't conform to the dog, it's your Bulldog who must to come up on the command and not you.

English Bulldog Training to Come on Command

Ideal Length of Leash Makes English Bulldog Training Effective

Thus, your English Bulldog has been taught to sit down nearby. It looks out for your hand – if you beckon the dog and then lead the hand to your body, it should sit down at your leg. It will take about a month to teach your English Bulldog to sit down at your leg on a command, but the result is worth it. Make short training sessions every day and soon you'll be pleased with the result.

English Bulldog Come Dog Command Training

Convenient Leash + Comfy Collar = Fruitful Bulldog Training

Now we're going to start the next level of English Bulldog training. Make 5 steps, call your Bully by name and tell "Come" with cheerful voice. Put down your hand with the treat to the knee and make 2 steps backwards once the dog looks back. When Bulldog comes up to you, beckon it with the treat to your leg, make it sit ("Come" command is told once, "Down" command is dropped, you just hold your hand with the treat at the dog's back of the head). Treat your Bully, tell "Walk". Do 3 steps – repeat. Do 7 steps – repeat. Do 5 steps – repeat etc. It's about 10 repeats altogether. It's obviously that your English Bulldog will follow you soon, it will walk alongside of you waiting you to tell "Come".

English Bulldog Training

Train Your English Bulldog Every Day and Enjoy the Results

Don't chase away your Bully. Now when you step backwards, the dog follows you. Make it stand at your leg and give the treat. Then tell: "Walk".

Don't save Bulldog treats. It's better to treat the dog for several times when it came up to you, when it walked with you 2 steps (when you go backwards), when it sat down at your leg. Let your Bulldog have some rest and continue training. Now you do all the same but make two steps backwards only if the dog was distracted and got out of you. If English Bulldog walks along with you, there is no need to step backwards, just make it sit down at your leg with the help of the treat. Repeat the exercise for 5 times, praise your Bully and finish the training.

Useful equipment for English Bulldog training, click on the pictures!

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