How to Stop My Bulldog Chewing

Bullog Chews Everything - How Can I Stop This?

June 11, 2013 | Dog Chewing | By British Bully

"My Bulldog chews everything in the house!" - this phrase will sound not about your English Bulldog if you make some barrier that will restrict access of your pet to any things in your apartment and will allow a dog to chew only those goods, which you will give it.

Take a note that this method is suitable only for Bulldog puppies and not for grown-up dogs. As you see, you need to prevent your dog destructive chewing from its early puppyhood.

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If you leave your Bully kid home alone, don't to lock it in the open-air-cage as it can do the deeds directly there and, even more, step on or sit in its excrements.

Bulldog chews things - when will grow, then will cease!

This is one of the biggest misconceptions! Contrary to the common beliefs, not all, but just few grown-up English Bulldogs cease of chewing everything. They can chew only special dog toys for biting and chewing. Many Bulldogs keep chewing slippers, footwear, kid stuff and pieces of furniture. Young Bulldogs are considered to be the biggest "gnawers", especially when they attend different dog classes, connected with bite training and retrieve skills improvement. But you needn't decline from Bulldog training any way, just use these methods, we're going to offer you to stop your Bulldog chewing things. You need to apply both of them at the same time. The first method is to limit the access of the dog to any things and subjects untill Bulldog reach the age of two. And then freedom needs to be provided gradually and for small periods of time.

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The second and the most important method is to use a special personalized Bulldog muzzle, which will prevent your dog from chewing, picking up and eating things from the ground and provide the best comfort for your pet. Just put a daily use muzzle on your Bulldog when you are going for a walk and for a few hours per day to reach your goal.

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You are welcome to learn more about Bulldog chewing - the main reasons.

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