How to Train a French Bulldog?

French Bulldog Training Tips

French Bulldog Puppy Training

Little Frenchie is trained since 3 months age. Certain reflexes are formed by this time and a puppy studies the world around with interest and learns the rules of behavior. Training reminds a game in this age and up to 6 months.

French Bulldog and Training

Important: don't load a lot of training on your puppy. It should have much rest and not to feel discomfort.

First commands are "Come!", "No!" ("Leave It!"), "Sit!", "Down!" They help to train a well-mannered dog and will become a basis for further skills in the future.

Catch up the moment when your puppy turns attention to you. Give the command "Come!", the pet comes up to you and gets a treat or a toy.

Tasty piece of delicacy will surely fetch the dog and it will make it to come. The reward is given only when French Bulldog had run the command at the first try, otherwise the dog will ignore the commands in the future.

You can train French Bulldog to sit in many ways. It is easier to interest the puppy with the treat and to press slightly on hindquarters. Praise the pet and give it the delicacy. "Down!" is the derivate of "Sit!" Bulldog is laid down gently and everything is done in a similar way to the previous command.

"No!" is used to forbid some action. Physical punishment leads to bad consequences and Bulldog fears. The treat is given to the dog the first time, but fisted and now allowed to eat for the second time. Praise Bully when it turns back and shows no interest in it any more.


There is no need to take your French Bulldog to the training ground and to make it reaching qualifying standards. Common training is also effective for the dog. You should be patient and understand that periodic improvement of French Bulldog skills is normal.

Puppies bite arms and legs of their owners while playing. The first rule is not to allow the dog to get used to such a behavior. The second rule is to train the canine to run "No!" command. The third – French Bulldog should have chew treats and toys.

French Bulldog Training Treats

The puppy feels your weak points and expands its rights quickly. This is so with food often. An untouched plate with food is taken away in 15 min. if Frenchie got too naughty. It is better to train the dog on empty stomach and to feed it with treats.

Children and French Bulldogs require special attention in the early days after acquaintance. It is important to show the dog that it is forbidden to bite and to jump on children. Explain also to the child how to be good to animals.

French Bulldog's attention is quickly shifted to various subjects, animals. They shouldn't respond to other dogs if they aren't aggressive and don't come up too close.

Problems are solved with training by distracting attention from irritant. Particular cases are handled by experience trainer.


It is the main force for progress of French Bulldog training. Food is an effective drive for many Frenchies.

You can use such food as a reward:

  • boiled meat
  • unsalted cheese
  • dry dog treats
  • jerked or dried by-products

Toys interest active and curious French Bulldogs as well as food. Use durable dog ball, soft or squeaking dog toy.

French Bulldog responds well to owner's praise. Stroking will help to fix positive emotions of the dog. Eye contact, when the dog looks into owner's eyes is considered important for successful training.

French Bulldog Punishment

The next methods are used:

  1. Ignorance of the canine for some time.
  2. Deny of toys.
French Bulldog Chew Toys

It is recommended to give several commands before walking or playing to reach a desired goal. You don't go for a walk until the pet runs them. Sociable and keen French Bulldogs understand that the requirement of the owner is the law.

Complicated Commands

They are "Fetch!" and "Bark!" for Frenchie. The first command is the problem of many stubborn dogs. Usually the dog runs up to the thrown stick or a ball, but doesn't bring them back or doesn't pick up at all.

French Bulldogs aren't loud-voiced. That is why you will need much time and patience to train the pet to bark at the command.

Standards and Training Grounds

1.5-2 years is the ideal age for French Bulldog professional training. Group sessions form acceptable behavior among the other dogs.

Guard and protective training aren't for French Bulldogs. Dog obedience training course is suitable for urban dogs.

Important: French Bulldog should be trained in the owner's presence only. Kennels, where the dogs are taken to for specified time period for training, are dangerous that Bulldog won't perceive the owner at all and will have a stress after a long separation.

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