Types of Bulldog Breeds

 How to Identify the Type of Bulldog Breed

Most of surrendered Bulldogs are unclaimed by reason. Many dog owners try to save money and to buy Bulldogs from breeders, websites, or ads in the newspaper and to get a registration at the price. Such Bulldog breeders don't do health test and buy Bulldogs for breeding in like manner at most. That is why they can breed Bulldogs with health and genetic problems and if they are not unclaimed, they leave them in kennels.

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There are a lot of rescues, where you can adopt a Bully. But remember, when you get Bulldog from a rescue or a kennel you can run the risk of taking the dog with certain health or genetic issues that can show up later.

If you decided to adopt Bulldog, it is better to do this from a specific dog rescue, where experienced vets and people, who know the peculiarities of Bulldog breed take care of the dogs. If you aren't sure, whether you take a healthy Bulldog, you can refer to an approved rescue group and their specialists will help you to make a right decision about the dog adopting.

English Bulldog

English Bulldog, which is also known as the Bulldog (by AKC) and British Bulldog is a medium-sized, heavily built and very strong dog. It is usually around 50-60 lbs, sometimes it can be 40-70 lbs, but still stout-built. It should have flat muzzle, sometimes - slight muzzle and can be not as compact or thick as others.

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Purebred English Bulldog - Gorgeous Dog Breed!

Bulldogs generally do not have full tails, they should be shortened at birth, but they can be born with a short tail rarely. Bulldogs come in a variety of colors, but a purebred Bully will never have a red nose. Such a dog can't be AKC registered because it is not a purebred breed.

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