How to Muzzle Your Bulldog

Training Your Bulldog to Wear a Muzzle

June 7, 2013 | Bulldog Muzzle | By British Bully

Bulldog puppies should be taught to wear a muzzle from the age of about 5 months. A dog owner should choose the muzzle carefully according to the peculiarities of Bulldog's head and snout.

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It is very important to teach your Bulldog to wear the muzzle gradually and without any pressure. Otherwise your dog can refuse wearing the muzzle at all. Here you can find simple and effective way to muzzle your dog.

Step 1. First of all you have to introduce the muzzle to your Bulldog. Let the dog sniff it thoroughly. If your dog doesn't want to sniff it you can put some treat into the muzzle.

Step 2. Once the first introduction is done you can go on to teach your Bulldog to put his nose in the muzzle. Put some treat that your dog really enjoys in the muzzle and hold the muzzle toward your dog. When your dog puts his nose into the muzzle, treat him. Repeat this for several times. At first your Bulldog will probably pull out his nose from the muzzle once the treatment is eaten. Over many repetitions, ask your dog to hold his nose in the muzzle for longer time (for about 20-30 seconds).

Step 3. When the dog feels more comfortable with the muzzle on you can move to the next step. That is to teach your Bulldog to hold his nose in the muzzle while you strap it on.

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Attach straps, feed your dog with small treat through the muzzle and quickly release. Repeat this for several times. Then you can put the muzzle on your dog for longer time and not to release right after the treatment.

Note that you shouldn't let your dog take off the muzzle himself. Otherwise your dog can accustom to it and will try to remove it again and again. That's why it is important for your Bulldog to understand that it is you, who can take the muzzle off.

Following these simple steps, you can show your Bulldog that the muzzle isn't bad. Your dog will perceive it as something positive and pleasant.

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