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June 2, 2013 | English Bulldog Training | By British Bully

If you want your Bulldog to have an all-round physique, then you need to go in for dog sports with it regularly. Let your dog training will not always lead to the titles and medals, but it will always bring positive results as to you as to your pet.

There exist a variety of different "dog sports" for your Bulldog and the most popular are dog agility, dog frisbee, flyball and dog freestyle. We hope, that you will surely find the most suitable type of Bulldog sports and will take your canine to the playground when learning about all the dog sports, listed above.

Dog Agility - British Sports for Your Bulldog

This kind of dog sports originated in Great Britain. John Varley was a founder of this sports. The highlights of this dog activity lays in a high-speed clearing the obstacles on a specially equipped track. And the obstacles in this kind of sports are called dog agility sets.

English Bulldog with Exclusive Harness for Agility

Agility sets are divided to the contact, which Bulldog needs to pass on, and contactless, which dog mustn`t touch. Such dog sports will be very useful for our urbanite "dumb animals", that have a lack of physical activities.


Dog Frisbee - A Very Popular Bulldog Sports

Dog frisbee is a very simple, but popular kind of dog sports. The main point of frisbee is that Bulldog should bring a plate you throw it.

The main advantage of this dog training is that your Bully can take part in dog competitions, despite of its breed and pedigree. Frisbee also doesn`t demands a special track, as the agility.

Flyball - Team Sports for Active Bulldogs

Flyball is one o a few dog team sports. Your pet can compete and in individual offset. The essence of this dog sports is that Bulldog should bring as more as possible tennis balls, which are released by a special machine, to its owner. Unlike a dog frisbee, flyball needs a specialy equipped track and dog training aids.

Flyball is also concidered an international dog sports and has its own Flyball Association.

Freestyle - Dog Dancing and Sports

This kind of dog sports appeared not long ago. The content of this dog exercising is that the owner and his Bulldog make a certain movements to music, that form a dance. It`s natural, that the jury estimate Bulldog skills more than its owner skills. There are no precise rules in dog freestyle, you just have to show a nice and artistic dance. Freestyle is a very beautiful dog sports and it`s well up to dance competitions between human dancers: the same bright suits, the same makeup, the same rhytmic movements.

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