How to Measure the Right Collar Size for Your Bulldog

How to Measure the Right Collar Size for Your Bulldog

Our pet boutique offers great choice of various dog collars for your English Bulldog, French Bulldog and American Bulldog and, of course, it is very important to measure your pet in a right way in order to have no problems with the size of the Bulldog collar and to avoid its exchanging and waiting for a new one dog collar UK. So, if you want to receive the best dog collar of the right size for your Bully, then you need to follow all our requirements, given below.

First of all, it should be mentioned that, despite a vast variety of Bulldog collars UK you can see in our online pet store, all of them are divided into dog collars with buckle, martingale and choke collars that demand different methods of measurements for the right size. Thus, when you have already chosen the best dog collar for your Bulldog, just measure your pet due to the type of the collar, using one of our instructions, given below.

Size Your Bulldog for Dog Collar with Buckle

Dog Collar Sizing Image

  1. Each collar has 5 holes so the size can be adjusted.

  2. The distance between one end of the collar to the third hole is the actual size of your Bulldog's neck.

  3. The dictance between holes is 1 inch (25 mm) so the collar can be adjusted to 2 inches smaller and 2 inches larger.

  4. There is also a tip (about 2 inches (5 cm) long) after the last hole.

Note: your Bulldog's neck circumference should reach the third hole, in case it needs adjusting when growing up and putting on weight. When order a dog collar, please, write us your pet's age, breed and sex.

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Size Your Bulldog for Choke Collar (Fur Saver) 

Choke Collar Sizing Image

  1. Choke collars are pulled over the dog's head, so you have to measure Bulldog's head circumference in the widest part (just below the dog's ears and jaw line - see the blue line on the picture).

  2. Write the exact neck size (circumference) of your Bulldog without adding any notion.

  3. Than add approximately 2-3 inches (5 cm) to the length you've already measured.

Choke collar size = dog head circumference + about 5 cm

Note: if the required size of a chosen dog collar is absent in the list or you have some questions, feel free to contact us. We would be glad to help you and to choose the best dog collar for your Bulldog.

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Size Your Bulldog for Prong Collar (Pinch Collar)

Prong Collar Sizing Image

  1. Turn your attention that prong collar should be worn on Bulldog's neck right below its snout and not lower on its neck.
  2. When choose a prong collar, measure your dog's neck size right under its jaws.
  3. Write an exact neck circumference (size) without adding any notion.

Note: wire gauge of a prong collar is recommended by dog trainers for different breeds according to their weight and strength.

Prong collars for Bulldog

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