Choose Chain Collar for Bulldog

Which English Bulldog Chain Collar to Choose?

A choke chain collar is needed when your Bulldog pulls on the leash or refuses to run your commands. It serves for behavior correction. Remember that a choker is not used for obedience training to make it easier for you. This type of collar is intended to correct such behavioral issues as pulling on the lead, jumping or attacking people and animals while outings. Chain chokers are also in wide use for dog shows. They don't draw attention away from Bulldog's exterior.

Chain Collar for BulldogHow does choke collar work? It is a loop that is tightened around Bulldog's neck when its pulls or you jerk a lead. A loose ring which is at one end of the chain slides along and tighten the collar. A fixed ring is for leash attachment. The collar won't act and it will be loosen if your Bulldog walks calm and doesn't pull. Chain collar is also used as a usual walking attribute when the lead is connected with the loose ring.

There are chain collars with small and long links. Which one to choose for your Bulldog?

English Bulldog chain collar with small links is suitable for medium dogs. It provides efficient and harmless corrective training. The chain won't damage Bulldog's hair as each link is highly-polished. All the parts of the collar are weld and break-resistant.

Chain collar for Bulldog with long links is for large and strong dogs. This type of collar is called a fur saver because it doesn't tangle or tear off dog hair. Your Bulldog's coat will always be in excellent condition with long link chain collar. All the links are welded and the chain is high-tensile.

Chrome-plated steel is the metal of both collars. The chains are protected with double coating: nickel first and then chromizing to provide maximum protection against corrosion. Easy glide, reliability in use and safety are the advantages of the collars.

English Bulldog Chain CollarThe action of choke chains is based on natural instincts when the mother-dog brings up her puppies. Use choker properly and it won't harm your Bulldog.

Choke collar doesn't suit for Bulldog puppy under 6 months. It can traumatize neck and trachea.

Chokers are pulled over the dog's head and you have to measure Bulldog's head and neck circumference in the widest parts (below ears and a jaw line). Compare head and neck sizes and add 2-3 inches to the bigger size to specify corresponding length of the chain collar. Perfect size of the chain collar is when it easily goes over Bulldog's head and touches ears not much.

Choke collars are not used for daily walking.

Don't jerk the leash during Bulldog training because this will tighten the collar too much and may hurt the dog. Your aim is to show Bulldog that the direction of moving is changed by you. Walk with measured steps and hold the lead closer to the choker. Change your direction suddenly. The leash is tensed and Bulldog will feel discomfort. Loose the lead and reward the dog in words, with stroking or a treat.

Do not leave your Bulldog alone with the choke collar on.

Ask advice of experienced dog trainer before choke chain purchasing. Use the collar under trainer's control if required.

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