My Bulldog Refuses to Walk on a Lead - What Can I Do?

If English Bulldog Refuses to Walk on a Lead

May 20, 2013 | Dog Lead Walking | By British Bully

As you know, sometimes Bulldog can walk on a lead unwillingly, and, instead of pulling, it stops or turns around and pulsl you to go home. The reasons of such a behavior can be different. Don't forget that English Bulldog is a bit stubborn dog, so, first of all, you have to understand the heart of the problem and then to support your favorite and to overcome difficulties.

English Bulldog Walking Problems

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How to help your Bulldog to like leash walking:

The first way is to entice your dog, holding dog treats before its eyes. If the dog is not afraid, it will follow bait and will feel itself more confidently during a walk. This way is suitable for English Bulldog puppies as they only perceive the world around.

The second way is also for English Bulldog puppy as you need to teach your pet leash obedience from its childhood. So, put on your Bulldog puppy a harness, raise it and carry on couple meters frontwards. This method often serves as a motivation for a doggie to walk further. Tell "Good" and give your puppy natural dog treat when it is continued to walk. Try to foresee the moment when your little Bulldog is going to stop and treat it constantly to make your pet to walk without stops.

English Bulldog Walking Tips

English Bulldog Chain Collar to Stop Pulling on a Leash

The third way - to stop in half a meter in front of your dog and to wait while it stands steel. If the dog, at last, makes a step forward, tell "Yes" and come up to your pet to treat it. Pass half a meter and wait when Bulldog comes up to you. Praise it and give a delicacy only for the onward movement.

What method you wouldn't choose, sometimes it is most helpful to go for a walk with your Bulldog in a quiet place. Find a small silent street or a path in the park instead of walking the dog in a busy street. When English Bulldog will feel itself more confident in quiet places, it is high time to accustom your favorite to noisy crowds.

English Bulldogs and Walking

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Your dog can behave better itself if you ask it to do any other action during your downtime. Ask Bulldog to sit, look in its eyes, shake a paw or choose any other habitual action for your pet that he likes most of all. Sometimes it helps a dog to forget the reason of its fears, and it will go nearby again. Certainly, you should always praise and give the delicacy for your dog obedience.

And the last one and the most important aspect in English Bulldog lead training is patience. Be calm and tolerant and your dog will surely respond in kind!

Does your Bulldog like pulling a leash? You are welcome to read our article My Bulldog is pulling - how can I stop it? Learn also about English Bulldog training if you want to understand your pet better and to get a real success in teaching your dog.

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