French Bulldog Owners Guideline

French Bulldog Is A Work of Art - Don't You Think So?

French Bulldogs are not for everyone. If you are unsure of oneself, a hot head, pessimist, domestic goddess or maybe your prefer to live in seclusion, French Bulldog breed is definitely not for you. And it's not because you are not so good for the dog. No! It's because you're too different with Frenchie. The ideal owner of French Bulldog is an active person, who likes nature and long walks. The person, who can take the Frenchie along to the maximum.

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French Bulldog Likes Long and Active Walks

French Bulldog is a companion dog and it's happy only being nearby the owner. Luckily, you can take the dog almost anywhere because of its small size. Given the will. The dog will be very glad to keep company with you even if it would sit in a carrying or in a car waiting for you.

All French Bulldogs are different, of course. Some of them are more active, the other ones are more peaceful. But generally they are sturdy and toothy torpedoes, we would like to add – with large and kind heart, but the character depends on you. French Bulldog puppy is a kind and cheerful since birth. The owner like a sculptor makes what he wants the dog to be. Everyone has different result…

French Bulldogs are the dogs with attitude in spite of their short height. They feel strongly about everything. You can reach an agreement with your Frenchie, but you will never lead the dog on a string. "What about French Bulldog training?" – you will ask. Frenchies are easily educated. They are trained with a great pleasure, remembering commands quickly and showing their intelligence and the desire to gladden the owner. Gladden, but not please! If you're ready to be on equal footing with French Bulldog, this is the dog for you.

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Frenchie Needs Regular Physical Exercising for Healthy Growth

French Bulldog is not a toy. You shouldn't only snuggle and caress the puppy. This little molosser may become a willful dictator, which will take power into its own paws under this upbringing. This may seem funny. There will be nothing to laugh about if this happen. You will do nothing with such French Bulldog's behavior. Even if you can change the situation by behavior correction with the help of experienced dog trainer, nevertheless, your Bully will always provoke you trying to establish itself as a leader again. Love, nourish and cherish the dog, but be tough with it. The dog should remain the dog. Will you be able to save this borderline?

French Bulldogs are classed as lap dogs. But it doesn't mean that it will do its deeds in a litter box. Of course, Frencie can do this, but as you know, a bad beginning makes a bad ending for you both. If you have neither time nor desire to walk the dog, it's better to choose another breed with simpler character and fewer pretensions. There is a great plenty of lap dogs to choose.

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French Bulldog Warm Clothes for Pleasant Walks Cold Weather

French Bulldog needs good and active walk full of impressions, the walk, when the dog can throw at least 50% of its infinite energy. You will be astonished how tireless French Bulldogs are. Will you resist? Evaluate all arguments!

Coat. Don't think that if French Bulldog has short coat, it doesn't shed. Be sure, you'll also need a shedding brush for your Bully!

What about French Bulldog feeding? It's a graded breed that's why the dog may suffer from allergy because of unhealthy nutrition. French Bulldog nutrition is rather expensive. French Bulldog is a dog, which needs a lot of attention!

Don't take French Bulldog just for fun, for its pretty muzzle and intelligent eyes. Believe, there are not only happy French Bulldog owners, but also the "martyrs". As a result – misunderstanding, despair, abandoned Bulldogs in shelters. It's a very painful object.

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French Bulldog Is a Dog for Responsible Person

French Bulldogs' popularity is a rough payment for their appearance. Some breeders just make money at the dogs. Every responsible French Bulldog breeder is against unplanned mating, puppies of unknown origin and without documents, careless clients, who know nothing about the breed. Let every French Bulldog will be in the right hands! It's not enough to have money for buying. Nothing matters more than the desire of the future owner to take care of French Bulldog to grow up a worthy dog! French Bulldog is a work of art! It's a little Sphinx. Judge Bully on its merits! Give the dog everything it needs or just go by.

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