American Bulldog - Where Dog Breed Used?

Where and What for American Bulldogs Are Used?

American Bulldogs are used almost everywhere, where strong, brave and faithful dogs are needed! Working American Bulldogs serve for police and military forces in many countries, they are matchless watchdogs and guardians and fighters and even hunters!

American Bulldog is a dog of huge power and perfect health. You can hardly find a breed that could be compared with Ambulldog's physical force. Neither Rottweiler or Staffordshire Terrier, or Doberman, or Great Dane nor German Shepherd have no such a potential of warrior, hunter and bodyguard as American Bulldog has!

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American Bulldog has elevated intelligence level. This smart, powerful and fearless dog is also awesomely obedient and disciplined. It will never fail to amaze the owner. Bulldog isn't aiming to be a leader in a family, where he or she lives in spite of Rottweiler or English Bull Terrier. This dog always handles a situation at home. It knows when to use a power and when to relax and have fun. If there are many children in the family, American Bulldog is always ready to entertain them. The dog does this not because of the game itself, but to help children's mother. Moreover, American Bulldog's patience and caress are unlimited. The dog's tolerance and intelligence allow suffering such children's actions as tail and ears tweaking, riding and biting.

It is amazing that female American Bulldog will always become a very good stepmom for every puppy of any breed. Many breeders, knowing this, put puppies of the other breeds under female Ambulldog's care and feeding. This dog is really amazing!

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Unfortunately, many kennel clubs provide only dog beauty contests, forgetting or not knowing all the talents of working American Bulldog. They sort out really talented dogs being unable to test and do justice to them. Thus, guard instinct is taken for unreasonable aggression towards human, hunting instinct as aggression towards animals!

In Europe dog show kennel clubs lessened standards of many working breeds without agreement with service dog breeding kennels and professional breeders because of kibble economy and taxes rising on large breeds keeping. F.e., nowadays Ambulldog's height that is overloaded with English stockiness, sometimes even doesn't reach 55 cm!

So what were basic qualities of American Bulldog and what it should be like?

Truly Ambulldog will spring to defend its family immediately faithfully and uncompromisingly in a case of real danger even feeling impending death!

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Truly American Bulldog won't look for the owner's protection behind his back, putting its tail between legs. Truly Ambulldog will work for all it is worth because the dog can do this in a different way!

American Bulldog is absolutely safe to be kept in the family if it is trained in a right way.

Ambulldog has strong natural guard instinct. When Ambulldog works as a guardian or a watch dog, it is focused on strangers (as well as purebred working GSDs are) being almost not distracted by strange animals at this. This is very important distinctive advantage of working American Bulldog from working Pitbull, Amstaff, Dogo Argentino, English Bull Terrier.

American Bulldog is professional hunting dog. The breed is also used as catch dog (hog-catching). The dog can pass tests for working on people and animals.

American Bulldog is used as:

1. Guardian
2. Security guard

3. Attack dog
4. Fighting dog
5. Hunter

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Why so much attention is paid to this breed? You will say that there are so many no less interesting and serious other breeds. Whether they are worse than Ambulldogs? Unfortunately, many working breeds had been born. So why does American Bulldog use is the most effective? Because these dogs were bred specially for work (security, protection, patrolling, one or several enemies chasing and neutralizing, building or house security, cargo protection, attack of one or several humans or animals meeting etc.).

American Bulldog stays well ahead of the other working dogs because of:

1. Huge physical strength.
2. Great physical endurance.
3. The strongest grip.
4. Robust nervous system.
5. Built-in guard instinct to liquidate a stranger selectively during work.
6. Strong smelling and hearing.
7. Easy to keep and to take care of.
8. Safety for the owner and his or her family under any circumstances.
9. Love to children.

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American Bulldog is calm and "polite" when it doesn't work, but the dog is always alert as a guardian. Ambulldog doesn't attack strangers without a reason or a command. But the dog will wipe out anyone when the owner (handler) gave a command!

Learn also professional advice for American Bulldog training.

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