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Where to buy English Bulldog collar of luxury quality and design? ForDogTrainers offers:

  • The newest collection of exclusive leather collars by FDT Artisan! This is a well-known and very popular brand of unique collars, which are made by hands.
  • There are collars for walking in style, basic training and dog shows.
  • We provide fast delivery all over the world. Contact us anytime and we will answer all your questions. Our experts will help you in choosing the best collar for your Bulldog.
  • There are special discounts for wholesale and return customers. We provide personal service and support for every client.
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Best Sellers - Dog Collars FDT Artisan

What types of dog collars are there? Here you will find English Bulldog collars of the latest trends at very attractive prices because we are not resellers and you will get any of Artisan leather dog collars from the producer directly!

What are dog collars made of? Top-quality natural leather from the Netherlands or UK is used for these collars. Leather strap for every collar is perfectly processed and well-oiled for long-service and pleasant use. Every English Bulldog collar by FDT Artisan is of unique design. Spikes, studs, stars, plates of various sizes and shapes decorate these collars. They are securely fixed with rivets to hold forever. Decorations and hardware are of brass, brass-plated, nickel-plated or chromized steel. Metal fittings are handy in use, reliable and resistant to corrosion. Artisan leather dog collars are practical and very beautiful. These English Bulldog collars are the winds of change in canine fashion. Hurry up to take your Art!

What are dog collars for? Artisan dog collars are perfect for Bulldog walking, public places attending, dog shows and off-leash training. Let every activity of your Bully be in style with FDT Artisan!

How to order a dog collar for your English Bulldog in our online shop?

There are 3 steps of successful online purchasing:

1. Measure your Bulldog according to the scheme you can see in every dog product. Use the instruction of collar sizing.

2. Got the measurements? Fill them in the attributes at the top of the product page.

3. You can always contact us via our e-mail if the collar doesn't fit your Bulldog. Our customer support will answer all your questions, will help you to choose the most suitable product for your dog and will make an exchange if needed!

Don't hesitate about your order. It will be delivered to you safely.

You can also choose one of two shipping ways:

Register Mail Service (6-12 business days)

Express Mail Service (3-5 business days)

Take your Art and make your Bulldog the centre of attention with FDT Artisan collar!