American Bulldog Weight Pulling Training (Part 1)

Weight Pulling Training for American Bulldog

The idea of using weight pulling as trials was started up several centuries ago as a result of North breeds working use. Today weight pulling is an organized sport event with rules. IWPA (International Weight Pull Association) that was organized in 1984 supports and develops dog weight pulling. The USA, Canada, Australia and Sweden form IWPA. Their championships are the most outstanding. But there are also many clubs and organizations around the world that hold weight pulling competitions.

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American Bulldog is considered one of the most suitable breed for weight pulling after Husky and similar dogs, of course. This kind of dog sport provides a great benefit to Ambulldog's health. Weight that the dog pulls, not only stimulates muscle development, but also makes bones, ligaments and cardiovascular system stronger. You may seem that weight pulling is limited to physical power demonstration, but it's not so. Weight pulling is a great warming + mental development. The dog should be concentrated to finish a task.

Weight Pulling Rules

American Bulldogs and other dogs in the age from 1 to 12 years are permitted to compete in weight pulling. There are 6 weight categories in the trial. Dogs that are different weight classes can't compete together. Sledge or truck is used as weight. The dog pulls weight over solid surface or snow. Handler (American Bulldog's owner or trainer) prepares the dog and takes part in competitions. American Bulldog should pull weight for 16-20 feet in 1 min. at a command. Handler can't touch the dog when it pulls. He (she) has to keep a certain distance. It is forbidden to use treats, toys, various baits and strong words to stimulate the dog. Children and other family members should be absent according the rules of some weight pulling contests. Everything that may seem to be dangerous for the dog's health is forbidden.

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The main and essential conditions of any weight pulling are dog care and respect.

Untrained dog can't take part in weight pulling. IWPA informed that no one dog suffered during trials for 5 years.

American Bulldog Weight Pulling Equipment

  • 4 ft (or more than 1.2 m) long dog leash;
  • Prong dog collar;
  • American Bulldog pulling harness;
  • Special chain for weight pulling 3 ft long (about 1 m).

That is all you need for American Bulldog weight pulling training. You need only specialized harness for weight pulling because the collar is used only for dog control.

American Bulldog weight pulling harness will make it safe from traumas and will speed up growth of your results. If you use unspecialized dog pulling harness, the dog's ability to pull is lowered and the harness may hurt your Bulldog. The harness should be of the ideal size – this is a very important point. Start getting acquainted the dog with the harness from the puppyhood. First your American Bulldog should get used to the harness.

Don't allow the dog to pull heavy weight until its muscles and skeleton aren't formed. Puppy training means visiting public places so that it hadn't been afraid of crowds being adult at competitions. Your puppy should know basic weight pulling commands, especially "Wait" and "Go". It's also very important to teach American Bulldog to keep calm among many other dogs to avoid confusion when it will need to concentrate and to pull.

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Keep the dog in a good shape. Pay more attention to its physical training and take care of nutrition. Ideal American Bulldog training is sledge carriage through the show, but not every owner can fulfill this. Bikejoring is a good alternative. Brisk walking is also very useful, especially if you teach the dog to pull a tyre. It's not recommended to train American Bulldog only by weight pulling because it may become bored.

Special training ground is needed. It should be 16-20 ft of relatively even surface. Use the weight that will move from its dead point and not a truck from the beginning of weight pulling training. Thus, it will be much easier for the dog to pull the weight at contest. Begin training with light weight, which makes noise. Put the harness on your dog and give the command "Stand". Now arm yourself with patience because you have no time limits. Start American Bulldog weight pulling training as soon as the dog stops taking interest in the chain behind it. Move forward 5-10 ft, down on fours and call the dog. You can use the leash to elate your Bully when it feels the weight. Pull the leash giving the command "Go" at the same time. Praise and treat the dog when it obeys. You need to stand on all fours to teach American Bulldog to stand on four paws.

The most useful equipment for weight pulling training, click on the pictures!

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