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Do you need a behavior correction collar for your Bulldog? We offer:

  • Safe and harmless metal collars of chrome and nickel-plated steel, brass, stainless steel and curogan with elements of natural leather and nylon.
  • Wide choice of collars for Bulldog obedience training and correction, shows and rings. Each collar is safe for dog's health, no coat damage, neck rubbing or skin irritation. There are professional collars to teach your Bully good manners.
  • We provide fast worldwide delivery. We don't sell the collars that hurt animals! Contact us anytime and our Customer Support team will answer all your questions.
  • There are special discounts and offers for wholesale, return customers and retail dealers. We provide personal service and support for every client.

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Best Sellers - English Bulldog Chain Collars MC

Here you will find English Bulldog and American Bulldog chain collars, martingale collars for American Bulldog and British Bulldog. These collars are used by professionals for naughty and aggressive Bulldogs. If your Bully pulls on the leash or has some other behavioral problems, the one of our metal collars is just what you need!

The design and material of every metal dog collar we offer is life and health friendly. We use such materials as steel, stainless steel with chrome and nickel plating, brass and curogan (copper-tin hypoallergic alloy) for our collars.

All the details of the collars are welded and highly polished. Our collars are high-resistant to heavy loads. Even the strongest Bulldog won't break the collar you choose from this page.

Our chokers act gently, no excessive pressure on Bulldog's neck.

Our pinch collars work as Bulldog's mother teeth, their action is based on dogs' instincts.

Our martingale collars have choking limitation.

Every collar is really safe and very effective. Don't be afraid of using metal collars, they are truly helpful if used properly!

English Bulldog Dog Collar UK

There are 3 steps of successful online purchasing:

1. Measure your English Bulldog according to the scheme you can see in every dog product.

2. Got the measurements? Fill them in the attributes at the top of the product page.

3. You can always contact us via our e-mail info@english-bulldog-dog-breed-store.co.uk if the collar, harness, muzzle or any other product doesn't fit your Bulldog. Our customer support will answer all your questions, will help you to choose the most suitable product for your dog and will make an exchange if needed!

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