Mantrailing Harness

Choose the Best Working Dog Harness for Mantrailing

How to be sure that you have chosen a proper mantrailing harness that will serve your Bulldog for a long time and won't hurt it?

Your mantrailing Bulldog needs the most comfortable harness to be fully engaged in a certain task. The harness should be extra strong, practical and functional because it is a half of successful work. We are glad to offer you two the best suitable harnesses for mantrailing.

Mantrailing Harness

This harness is of nylon. It is the material that is suitable for any weather. Nylon is resistant to tear, stretch, wet and water. The harness is extra durable, but light-weighted. It won't rub or cut into the dog’s skin. Your Bulldog can wear it all day long and to feel no discomfort.

The harness has cushion-like broad chest plate to make it maximum cozy. Back plate is also wide and soft to avoid any inconvenience.

It is easy to regulate the harness to fit it perfectly. Quick-release buckle saves your time and allows putting the harness on Bulldog in a few seconds.

There is a handle on the back plate for Bulldog control and a D-ring for leash attachment. There are also 2 side D-rings for pulling and muscles development. All the rings are welded, break and corrosion-resistant.

This nylon harness is a top-quality gear, which is intended for multipurpose use. You can also walk, train your Bulldog and use this harness for sport, pulling, tracking and work.

The other variant of mantrailing harness is of natural leather. Its quality is the highest and design is thought out. Leather is thick, but well-oiled and soft to the touch. It won't do any harm to your Bulldog and is absolutely safe for dog health. Leather edges are carefully polished to prevent rubbing.

Mantrailing Equipment

The harness is non-restrictive and provides freedom of movements to Bulldog. It also retains reliable control over the dog. Leather harness is extra strong and flexible. It is finally sewed for extra strength.

Chest and back plates are lined with soft felt. The dog can be harnessed for a long time and feel comfortably.

You can adjust the harness easily to fit perfect size. Quick-detach buckle will help to put this harness on at a fast clip. The leash is attached to welded D-ring on the back plate.

Metal details are of brass. They are high-tensile, rustless and gold-shining.

The dog can also walk and train, track and work with this harness. It is of light weight and convenient design. Your Bulldog will be comfy with this harness on!

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