How to Care Leather Collar, Harness, Muzzle and Leash?

How to Care for Bulldog Leather Equipment?

Best products for Bulldog are produced of full grain leather. This material is natural and contains no harmful impurities. Genuine leather is hypoallergenic and safe for Bulldog skin and health. Leather is smooth to the touch and doesn't provoke rubbing or irritations. Leather is pleasant to wear in any season. It doesn't overheat in the sun and doesn't become too cold in frosty weather. Proper care for Bulldog leather supplies provides their long-term use.

Leather Dog Leash CarePreparation for leather dog products use:

It is advised to process a leather accessory in accordance with the next technology:

1. Use a balsam to lubricate a new leather item evenly inside and out with the help of a brush or a cotton pad.

2. Cover the whole surface of the leather product with the balm and wait 15-20 min. for its full absorption.

Leather equipment for your Bulldog needs the correct care. We highly recommend cleaning leather gear from dust, dirt, saliva, grass, seed etc. after every outing. A dirty leather product is an infection source!

How to Care Genuine Leather

Leather care instructions:

Watch leather goods to be clean and dry.

Use softcare leather balsam to keep the items smooth and to serve your Bulldog for long.

Prevent contact with water, direct sunlight, fireplaces and heaters to avoid leather roughness and color fading.

Soft cloth or toothbrush and mild soap solution are used for stubborn dirt.

Use dry and clean cloth to wipe the leather outfit after washing

Do not use leather supplies for bathing, swimming and going outside in heavy rain. If the item is got wet, take a dry cloth, wipe it and leave to dry at room temperature.

Leather Dog Collar CareDirect sunlight is harmful for colored leather supplies because they may change color.

Oil the products from time to time with leather care products and they will stay soft, flexible and will be in use for a longer time.

Hold the item in a special ventilated bag of natural material (linen, cotton) to keep it from excessive dust, dryness and humidity.

Hold leather equipment beyond your Bulldog's reach if it likes chewing.


Tips for Leather Care

It is not recommended at all:

  • to smooth leather with vegetable oil;
  • to use automobile and lubricating oils;
  • to immerse the whole leather products for impregnation;
  • to change design and construction of leather supplies on your own.

Follow our advice and the leather goods will serve your Bulldog for long and you won't spend unnecessary costs on purchasing the replacement products instead of spoiled ones.

Choose the best dog collar and decide between leather or nylon dog harness for Bulldog.