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Keeping Natural Balance Dog Food for English Bulldog

June 13, 2013 | Bulldog Feeding | By British Bully

Bulldog nutrition shouldn't consist only of meat, but has to be mixed, consisting generally of natural dog food. However, the share of meat is 40-50% of total amount of Bulldog food. When you feed your Bully with red meat, just give it in slices as mincemeat lies on the dog's stomach. You also need to consider meat chemical formula. For example, rump steak contains an abundance of phosphor, whereas in veins and in trimmings dominates calcium.

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English Bulldog Looks Awesome When Healthy Fed

Bible tripe contains the hormones, necessary for your pet. Pork digests badly. By-products often cause diarrhea, therefore be careful when feed your dog with such pet food and boil them all times. You should always separate fish of fins, bones and insides or simply chop it through a meat grinder together with bones. It is forbidden to treat your Bully with river fish. Vegetables should be grated and given with salad oil in the raw or lightly cooked condition. However, it is necessary to remember that lashing of plant food is not worth: it doesn't do a world of good, except from gut motility strengthening and fast elimination of the main dog food from the dog's body. Treat your Bulldog with fruit and berries between its feeding as a dog delicacy. By the way, Bulldog may eat berries in very limited amounts.

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Healthy Bulldog is Always Ready for Training

It is obligatory to add fresh lettuce in summer and germinated seeds in winter. It is useful to feed Bulldog bitch with sprouted wheat before mating to stock up its organism with vitamin E. Well-boiled cereals (rice, buckwheat) are very important in this period. It is also necessary to feed your pet with boiled vegetables and meat.

If your Bulldog has a sedentary life, it needs smaller volumes of food. You have to establish certain food volume by supervision over the dog, but this daily volume shouldn't exceed 5-7% from the dog's weight. Characteristics of good Bulldog form are the next: an opportunity to feel the dog ribs (not to be confused with the opportunity to see them!), and not a pendulous belly (too tucked-up belly is not very good characteristic, after all, it's a Bulldog and not a hound!).

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Natural Food Is the Insurance of Bulldog's Health

Organic pet food and vitamins: Bulldog puppy needs a good few of mineral food to make its teeth, bones and coat healthy. In a year you can give minerals to your Bully on the occasion: when preparing for dog show, across gestation - for Bulldog bitches and in winter time.

Culture milk food - cottage cheese, kefir. These products provide balance of beneficial bacteria for the correct digestion. Caucasian milk is the most healthful for English Bulldog.

You can also treat your favorite with eggs (give it an egg-yolk once, twice a week), apricots halves (for miocardial enhancement), dark bread (dried).

If you want your English Bulldog to be strong and healthy, then follow this dog feeding guideline and you will have no problems with your Bulldog health in future!

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