English Bulldog Collar Herm Sprenger or Alternative?

Choose the Producer of Metal Collar for Bulldog

English Bulldog dog collars of metal alloys are used for behavior training and correction, shows and rings. They are efficient and safe, durable and reliable when made by qualified manufacturers, such as ForDogTrainers and Herm Sprenger. These producers have unchallenged reputation and are well-known all over the world for their professional dog equipment. Let's find out more about these brands.

Fordogtrainers Collars

ForDogTrainers is the company, which produce metal dog collars according to advice and requirements of experienced trainers. Special attention is paid to dog health and comfort. Solid grounding and skilled craftsmen allow making top-quality metal collars at reasonable prices.

Herm Sprenger is world-famous German producer. Pro trainers recommend Herm Sprenger dog collars using for dog obedience training. Every collar undergoes quality control after each production stage. Herm Sprenger collars are premium quality and long-wearing products.

Collars of each producer have engravings on buckles, rings and other surfaces. HS collars are fitted also with red quality labels. These marks show collars' originality. Both manufacturers use dog-friendly and harmless materials. They are solid and durable. You are welcome to learn more about them.

Stainless steel is one of the most practical metals, which is weather-resistant.

Chrome-plated steel is also practical and high-tensile material.

Collars of black stainless steel are sturdy and unusually looking. Stainless steel is coated with black oxide to make it stronger. Please, note that these collars are not suitable for Bulldogs with fair or white hair because of the coat coloring.

Herm Sprenger Dog Collars

Brass collars are ideal for Bulldog shows. This is the alloy of zinc and copper. The collars of brass are made with large links to be hard-wearing and sound. Gold shining makes such collars luxurious and emphasizes Bulldog's exterior.

Curogan collars are perfect for Bulldogs with tender and allergic skin. Tin and copper alloy is hypoallergic and causes no discoloration. Curogan and brass collars are not so solid as the collars of chrome-plated or stainless steel. But they are the safest ones for Bulldog's health and coat.

Both producers are the best ones. Which collar to purchase depends on your taste.

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