Bulldog Training: Should You Start with Dog Warm Up Exercises?

Should You Begin Your Bulldog Training with Warm-up?

Most athletes begin their training with limbering-up to provide better blood flow to the muscles and to prevent injuries. And what about Bulldogs? Should the four-legged athletes also limber-up before intense training?

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Why Limbering-up Is Important For Bullogs?

Bulldogs may get good results in training and dog sports even without limbering-up. But there are some advantages of a purposeful warm-up and cooling-down:

  • less risk of injury
  • cardiovascular system activation
  • increasing of blood in muscles
  • increasing of rectal and muscles temperature and elasticity
  • faster strain and relaxation of muscles
  • better flexibility of ligaments and tendons

Does Your Bulldog Need a Warm-up?

In principle, every dog must warm up before intense training. There is no matter either it's dog frisbee, agility, protection work or any other activities or dog sports.

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The important rule says: "The older your dog is and the lower is the outdoor temperature, the higher importance of limbering-up is."

Bulldog Training Tips

Your Bulldog must warm up. There are three phases of warming up that must take 20-25 minutes or less.

Phase 1: General Warm-up

At the beginning the dog's body temperature must be increased and the metabolism must be stimulated. Warm up a set of large muscles. Jog with your Bulldog on the leash at first. Then, let the Bulldog to re-do its daily exercises, such as: to sit, to lie down, to stretch, to stand up, etc.

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Phase 2: Stretching

Stretching helps to warmup muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints for the physical strain. Your Bulldog must do these exercises actively on its own. Therefore, you can teach your the dog various tricks, e. g., to give a paw, to bow, to run in the slalom between your legs or to stand on behind the legs setting its forelegs against you.

Phase 3: Limbering Exercises

Limbering exercises help to stretch a set of muscles, which are used to the full during the respective activity. E. g., if your Bulldog trains in agility, jumps at different highs, limbering-up is indispensable. But be careful: the dog may not be tiered after the exercises. They must be done to prepare the canine for the following strain during intense training only. Waiting time between the warm-up and the intense training must be max. 5-10 minutes.

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Cooling Down After Training

Bulldog must move a little before lying down after the intense training. So-called "cooling down" serves to relax muscles and to normalize cardiovascular system. The duration of the "cool down" must take about 3-10 minutes. Running with your Bulldog in jog-trot and then at a walk is a good exercise to "cool down". Go on until your Bulldog's breathing comes to normal.

Learn more about Bulldog physical exercising in our article about Bulldog sports.

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