English Bulldog in The World Cinematography (part 1)

The Greatest Movie Stars in "Bulldog" Cinematography

April 23, 2013 | Films Dogs | By British Bully

It’s not easy to make good films. And it’s even more difficult to make good films with dogs. Producer should not only love dumb animals but also know all the shades of their psychology, habits and bents. Because you know that an animal doesn’t play on the screen, it just lives one more day in its dog’s life.

Some of the most vivid actors who appear on the world silver screen often enough are English Bulldogs. It’s not even the point that they have outstanding abilities to transform (it is unreal to demand this from animals) but they have really specific vivid character type, inherent aristocraticism and calm which most people like so much.

English Bulldog wearing the collar

English Bulldog in a Nylon Collar

Let’s try to prove it with the examples of the liveliest and memorable recent films where the main characters or supporting actors were exactly English Bulldogs.

“The Water Horse” (2007)

The joint comic motion picture of American, English and Australian filmmakers tells about an unusual friendship and adventures of a Scotland boy Angus MacMorrow and a dinosaur cub that emerges from the egg founded on the shore of the famous Loch Ness Lake. The film is rather funny and has a lot of hilarious scenes where the army cook’s picturesque English Bulldog named Churchill plays a certain part. During the whole film Churchill tries to torment the reptile by hunting and chasing it all over the house. Though the dog has a negative role, everybody is fascinated by its play.

“Trésor” (2009)

The comic melodrama of french producers Claude Berri and François Dupeyron tells us about all the vicissitudes of family relationship. The main character of the picture presents to his wife for a birthday a puppy of English Bulldog to do something nice for her. He doesn’t even suspect that this cute puppy will make his life like a hell and almost bring their family to divorce.

The little bulldog named Tresor (french “treasure”) wins at once his mistress’ attention and important place in her heart moving the husband to the background. The puppy behaves like the English Bulldog pet should behave: he farts, spoils things, snorts during a meal which almost drive his master to a frenzy.

“Pelagia and the White Bulldog” (2009)

A Russian TV-serial shot by Yuri Moroz is a screen version of the famous story of Boris Akunin “Adventures of Pelagia”. The film itself is dedicated to the nun Pelagia’s special gift of different crimes investigation. And this time she makes an investigation about the complaint of the local lady of the manor, who is the continuer of family tradition to breed the new “Russian white bulldog” race. The core to this new breed was pedigree English Bulldog.

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“Little Nicky” (2000)

Charming and somewhat sophisticated comedy film with the fantasy elements is shot by the American producer Steven Brill. To make come back his two sons who left the nest, Satan sends to the Earth his younger son Nicky. And to prevent Nicky from getting lost in the unknown conditions, he gives him a charming human-voice-speaking English Bulldog who looks just excellent.

It’s interesting that the main character is a huge fan of this dog breed in the real life. He even trusted his pet named Meatball to be a ring bearer at his own marriage ceremony.

“Stilyagi / Hipsters” (2008)

This film of Valery Todorovsky is devoted to the youth subculture “stilyagi” which was quite popular in the capital cities of the Soviet Union in 1950-s of the last century. They wore awkward narrowed trousers and loud-colored shirts and ties. And one of the main characters, a representative of stilyagi movement, found it very cool to redye constantly his English Bulldog’s hair in different bright tints. The role of the dog has played a famous bulldog Filya who has even won the prestigious prize of the film festival for the participation in film making.

“Hotel for Dogs” (2009)

The picture is shot by the American producer Thor Freudenthal. It is the typical comedy for the family show about the relationship problem between humans and dumb animals.

There appears a new tutor in the life of the young orphaned Andy and Bruce. The tutor can’t stand their terrier pet named Russell.

Thinking about how to settle their dog children come to the idea to open in the nearby deserted and empty house the hotel for the homeless dogs. And they do it successfully. One of the guests in their hotel is a wonderful English Bulldog named Cooper who has a rare gift to chew and spoil all things that he sees on his way. Everything would be ok if these special guests could keep quiet and order in the hotel.

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