Dog Harness with Patches for Bulldog

What Dog Harness with Patches to Choose?

Are you looking for a harness with patches to identify your Bulldog? Here are two of the best dog harnesses for Bulldog activity identification, which are of multifunctional use. They are of highly-practical material – nylon that is tear, stretch and water-resistant. Both harnesses are of thought out design and used by professionals.

There are Velcro patches on each side of the harness. They are easy to attach. Letters on the patches are of light color to be highly visible on black background at any time of day. You can choose dog patches for harness according to your need.

Service Dog Harness Patches

The first harness is used for a variety of Bulldog activities, such as walking, training, sport, pulling, police, K9, service work and many others. This means, you purchase one harness and use it for various purposes. Thus you save your money and there is no need put the other harness on the dog any time you change its activity.

The harness is fitted with 4 welded rings. Side ones serve for muscles building and pulling. Upper ring on the handle – for lead attachment. There is also the ring on the chest strap to stop Bulldog pulling on the leash. It will feel discomfort if pulls and will stop doing this. The rings are resistant to rust being made of nickel-plated steel.

Upper handle provides better control of the dog. The handle is convenient to hold and firm.

You can always adjust the straps if your Bulldog grows up, gains or losses weight. There is under belly strap on the harness that evens loads distribution during physical training. It is removable with one click of quick-release buckle. Another one quick-detach buckle helps to harness the dog with one click. This harness is a bestseller for professional and daily usage.

Dog Harness Velcro Patches

The second harness is also multipurpose. It is suitable for various kinds of training, work and daily walking. It consists of 2 straps, a handle, a back plate and 3 D-rings.

Straps are wide and regulable to fit the harness perfectly. Front strap is reflective to make your Bulldog visible in the dark. This feature adds more safety if you walk the dog or cross the road late in the evening.

Back plate is broad and soft for maximum comfort. It is equipped with control handle and the D-ring to connect the lead.

Side D-rings are for pulling and physical development. The rings are of steel with nickel plating. They are welded and rustproof.

The harness is put on and off within seconds by means of quick-detachable buckle. Your Bulldog won't have any problems with skin and won't feel uncomfortable being harnessed even all day long!

This harness is a top seller among pro trainers, special units and Bulldog owners.

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