What Breeds Can You Confuse With Bulldog?

What Dog Breed Can You Mistake with French Bulldog?

Boston Terriers are the closest looking breeds to the French Bulldogs. Especially brindle pied French Bulldogs which often have the same color as the Boston Terriers. Sometimes it is too difficult to see the difference between these two breeds since Boston/Frenchie mixes became common.

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Purebred French Bulldog

Key differences: French Bulldog's ears are round at the tip, the earleather is thicker and it keeps the ear erected while dog running. Boston Terrier's ears are thinner that is why they are flopping when the dog plays and run.

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Boston Terrier

Many Bostons have ears with a little flopping tip. Boston's ear is usually pointed and not round at the tip. Frenchie's ear should never point, unless being damaged or cruelly cropped. Boston Terriers are also lighter-boned and have smaller paws than Frenchies.

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