English Bulldog Training - When to Stop Giving Dog Treats

How to Teach Your English Bulldog to Run the Commands Without Treats?

It's rather easy to explain your English Bulldog many things with the help of dog treats. But when your Bully has already learned a command, the next important stage of Bulldog training is to make it clear for the dog that it should run the command always and not only when you hold the treat in your hand.

How to Stop Giving Dog Treats to Your Bulldog?

1. Give the command per 10 times a day when you see that your English Bulldog is ready to obey, it has come up to you, looks in your eyes. Take Bulldog treats with you, but give them not every time, in 2-3 times, in other words, the dog will get the treat once when run 3 commands.

English Bulldog Training to Run Commands

Stop Giving Bulldog Treats Gradually, When Dogs Know Commands Well

2. Make your Bulldog to run the command every time when you're at home. If the dog refused running the command without getting the treat, catch its interest at once and give the command again. Tell it in such a way, as if you teach your English Bulldog again, show the treat and give the command. As soon as the dog ran the command, say "Walk", but don't treat the dog. Give the command once again. If the dog ran it correctly, treat it.

3. Do the next actions when you're outside and your English Bulldog is on the leash. If the dog obeyed 10 times out of 10 without the treat, loose the leash so that it had dragged on the ground following your Bulldog. You can also take a lightweight rope of 5-7 meters for this purpose. Step on the leash or the rope and make your Bulldog to run the command if it didn't obey and ignored the command (see paragraph 2).

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English Bulldogs Are Trained Without Dog Treats

Remember that your English Bulldog is not a robot and it will never run all your commands in full obedience (don't believe in such a stories about Bulldogs – they aren't truthful). However if you train your Bully with patience, insistence and follow these rules, the dog will obey without treats and make a mistake maybe once per 2 years.

If this happened: you fasten the leash to your Bulldog's collar or harness. Repeat the command for 5-7 times (now you can use treats because they won't change the dog's ability to run the command without reward). Unleash your Bully and repeat the command for 3-5 times. That's all. You remembered the dog how to run the command correctly.

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