English Bulldog Training - How to Teach Dog Commands?

How to Tell Dog Commands Correctly?

It may seem odd at first sight that intonation and rhythm of dog commands vocalizing influences on dog's response and running the command, but it's so. Dog commands, which are told on the top notes and repeated at a quick pace, they stimulate your English Bulldog to action and so can be used for active exercising (run up to the owner quickly, fetch training).

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English Bulldog Runs the Command "Sit" Excellently

Those dog commands, which are told in a drawling manner and low, work better when you need to train your English Bulldog passive actions ("Sit", "Down", "Heel").

Example 1. You came with your English Bulldog to the vet. The dog is nervous and rushing about the room. You try to calm down the Bully by clapping it on the back or head and whispering something. The dog becomes excited and rushes around still greater. However, if you start talking to Bulldog with calm and quiet voice and stroke the dog gently, everything will be quite opposite. The most important is to start rewarding and stroking at the very moment when the dog is sitting still. Otherwise, these actions won't have positive results.

Example 2. English Bulldog training to run the commands "Sit" and "Walk". When the commands are pronounced correctly, it's easier to teach the dog to run them. Dog command "Sit" should be pronounced loudly and clearly. Praise and treat your Bully after running the command. Then start praising your Bulldog again, but with calm and drawling voice. Your calm voice will have a chilling effect on the dog. If English Bulldog is still sitting after running the command, praise the dog again and give it a dog treat.

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Dog command "Walk" is told loudly. When Bulldog will stand up, throw the dog treat over by the dog so that it had to come up to delicious piece.

Example 3. English Bulldog refuses coming up to the owner. You call your beloved dog and it glances at you indifferently and keeps doing something more important as it considers, in spite of coming up to you. What has happened? You're certainly sure that your Bulldog has heard your command and knows how to run it (because you had been training this command the whole month and your Bulldog came up to you at a word until today). In this case your knowledge of the rules of dog commands pronouncing will be very handy. While your Bulldog ignores the command, talk to it with drawling and sputtering voice. As soon as the dog has turned round and looked at you, change your voice to gentle and clear. If to drop behind and clap your hands at that, the dog will come up to you immediately.

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English Bulldog Will Always Come Up to the Owner if Trained Correctly

Many English Bulldog owners make a mistake continuing scolding the dog when it has already turned round and come up to him (her). These actions confuse Bulldog and it doesn't know what actions the dog makes the owner likes and what not. As a result, English Bulldog makes a conclusion that it does everything wrong. This means, the next time you will run after the dog because it refuses to run the command "Come".

Most often our words are of no importance for our dogs. English Bulldogs as well as the other dogs, hear only intonation, no more. The most important is how we pronounce the words.

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