Dog Whistle Training for Bulldog

Why Is a Dog Whistle Used for Bulldog Training?

Is it necessary to use dog training whistle? When and what for dog whistle is used? Dog whistle has a great advantage in Bulldog training over a human voice. The human voice can vary depending on emotions and dog whistle is always unchanged.

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English Bulldog Training Is More Effective with a Whistle

You can teach your Bulldog to obey, not to bite and various tricks with dog training whistle. Dog whistle is also good for those who are afraid of dogs. It will drive away a dog or make it stop barking. Dog whistle is an ideal tool for everyday walks and exercising with your Bulldog, especially when it is noisy outside and it is only the whistle that will help your Bully to identify that you call it. It will be much easier for your Bulldog to understand you during dog commands training if you use dog whistle.

Dog whistle use is very helpful when:

  • there is a long distance between your Bulldog and you;
  • noise of the street blocks your voice;
  • you need total control over Bulldog in any situation and at any place;
  • if you like to walk and train your Bulldog with comfort and pleasure;
  • if you have or train service and gun dogs.
Dog Training Whistle Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic Whistle for English Bulldog Training

You can use a sound dog whistle or ultrasonic dog whistle. The last one is silent in action for people. They are only dogs who hear it.

Bulldog training with whistle will be more effective if to start it from the puppyhood. The dog is trained with the same methods as during usual voice training. Dog trainers teach Bulldogs to come up, to follow and to lie down.

Dog training with whistle commands is easy: you whistle certain times instead of giving a voice command and f.e. make your Bulldog lie down. The skill is honed till running the command correctly by the dog. You can teach your Bulldog to run "Come" command the same way.

Show a dog treat and call Bulldog with the help of dog whistle. Pull on the long leash slightly if the puppy doesn't understand what to do. The skill of dog trainer following by the whistle is trained similarly.

Dog Training Whistle UK

Sound Whistle for English Bulldog Training

Many Bulldog handlers ask how to use ultrasonic dog whistle. Time and numerous repetitions are needed to form a conditioned reflex. The sound as a conditional irritant should always precede an unconditional one, a dog treat in other words. It is necessary to alternate signals of various lengths. For example, signals are long when you train Bulldog to run "Come" command and short for "Sit" command. Loose a leash at maximum length during a walk with your Bulldog and use ultrasound dog whistle making 3 sounds to call the pet. Stop, pull the leash slightly to let the dog know that you call it. Fix the result by repeating these actions 5 times.

You may change a whistle tonality, having chosen the most optimum for your favorite. Try to unfasten the leash and to call Bulldog only with the help of the whistle, having fixed a behavior reflex.

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Ultrasonic dog whistle can emit various tones that is why you have to sound the whistle correctly and your Bulldog won't confuse the tasks. You have to decide what sounds quantity will correspond a certain command.

In general, your Bulldog can be taught 10-15 skills with the help of the whistle. Their quantity depends on your experience as a dog trainer and individual features of your Bulldog.

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