How to Effect on Bulldog`s Motivation?

How to Effect on Bulldog`s Motivation Correctly?

First of all, try to understand motivation of your Bulldog to undesirable actions and to lower it in advance. For example, if Bulldog is hungry it`s much more motivated to pick up scraps from the ground than if it was full up. Therefore, if you don`t want your Bulldog to pick up from the ground, you should feed it properly, offering food from natural products instead of a dry dog food.

If you give your Bulldog dry dog food, the dog can pick up from the ground for a variety of reasons — hunger, a lack of necessary nutrients, enzymes, problems with digestive tract. Besides, Bulldog can clean a stomach in lack of a grass in such a way. The stress — chronic and situational (boredom during a walk in the same place, emotional excitement) can be used as a reason also. As you see, there is an absolutely normal cause of Bulldog`s behavior. Therefore, the fact that Bulldog picks up from the ground is a symptom which gives you a chance to understand and correct its state.

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If your Bulldog asks from a table, think, whether you fed it? If the dog is hungry, its motivation to ask for food it is much higher, than if it was full up. If you feed your Bulldog with dry dog food, the motivation to ask a bite of meat from a table is much higher than if you fed it with natural dog food.

If you want to reduce the risk of Bulldog picking up from the ground in the street, you can put on your dog a muzzle. Choose wire muzzle, basket muzzle or mesh muzzle and your Bulldog won`t be able to eat from the ground during a walk, but will feel a great comfort, breethe freely, bark and even drink with such a convenient and absolutely safe for your pet muzzle. 

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