French Bulldog Walking

 How to Train Your French Bulldog for Walks From the Puppyhood?

Frenchie likes long walks, but it can also be pleased with a short walk. French Bulldogs feel well in a cold weather. Lively and sporting French Bulldog rushes on the snow and you may seem that it doesn't feel cold (of course, it's necessary to put a warm dog coat on the dog if the temperature is lower than 20 - 25 degrees below zero). French Bulldog's harsh and dense coat and tough skin don't let the dog to get cold.

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Bulldog feels worse in a heat wave. Its flattened muzzle hinders the dog's breath, and if there is a scorcher outdoors, Frenchie is short of breath and it's willing to go home. But it feels good at home in heat days.

Give your Frenchie freedom to run and jump and swim in a warm season. Thus your dog will grow up and develop well. Even a long walk on a lead can't replace for the dog a freeside running or games with other dogs, especially in the wood or on a meadow.

Walk your French Bulldog puppy several times a day. Start with 10 minutes and then make the dog walks longer gradually. Don't allow your Frenchie to sit on a cold ground and to make contacts with other dogs or cats before vaccination. Wipe your dog's paws and belly with wet and then with dry towels.

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Talk to your French Bulldog puppy with calm voice without a hurry. The process of puppy education is constant and gradual. Don't shout on your pet and don't loose your patience under no circumstances. It's not his fault if you're on a bad mood and he shouldn't feel this.

Walk your Frenchie whatever the weather, 4-5 times a day or even more will be ideally for the dog even if it will be a short-time walk. Train the dog for walks gently. It's better not to go for a walk or take your puppy in hands outdoors before a plug vaccination (till the age of 2-3 months). Hold back from contacts with other puppies and older dogs during this period.

It's also not recommended to walk French Bulldog puppy 2-3 weeks after vaccination as it can feel bad at this time. Any chill becomes dangerous during this time period. It's advised not to walk with French Bulldog at all or to reduce the time of walks to 3-5 minutes if you suspect the dog to fall ill.

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It's better to go for a walk with French Bulldog puppy before its feeding. If the doggie is very excited after the walk, don't feed it for an hour. The dog is walked after a meal no sooner than in an hour, because running with a full stomach can lead to indigestion.

French Bulldog should be trained to a dog collar and a leash from the age of three months. Before you go out for a walk, repeat a word "walk" and put on the French Bulldog a collar. It's rather difficult to train French Bulldog to a leash walking: when the puppy feels that something curtails its freedom, it starts to hold back unwishing to walk. In this case you shouldn't pull the puppy, vice versa, follow him. When the puppy feels that nobody holds him down, he will calm down. French Bulldog puppy or older Frenchie should be walked on the lead in the yard and outdoors to avoid an accident. It's quite useful to walk your puppy along fine gravel. It helps in high and dome-shaped paws forming. The dog should walk alongside your left leg, train your puppy to do this from the first walk.

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Your speed of walking should be convenient for you puppy to walk alongside of you. Let your puppy off the leash on a waste land, but watch him attentively all the time. If the puppy ran to the road, don't run after him. It's most likely that you won't catch him, on the contrary, the puppy can fling into the roadway running away from you. When this occurs, you should run the other way round and call your puppy's name. Be sure, the puppy will certainly follow you. If the French Bulldog puppy is got absorbed in playing and eludes the grasp, try to lure him with dog treats, which you should always have in your pocket. Never punish your Frenchie having fasten a dog lead because it will be more difficult for you to catch him next time.

Corporal punishment is not a method for French Bulldog puppy training in any case. Try to omit this. Dogs are very sensitive to the tone, you can express your displeasure by a strict voice (not a shout). The dog will understand you.

You have to take up the puppy at the first, the puppy has to feel itself under your protection. Later, when the puppy will become an adult dog, you also have to watch him closely during walks and take the pet on a lead when see larger and strong dogs in order to avoid an undesirable meeting.

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Try to avoid carrion and other sewage during a walk because dogs like to roll in them. If this have already happened, never punish your Frenchie — it is an ancient dog's instinct. Take it home to wash. The unpleasant smell is deodorized well by tomato paste and kefir.

The puppy is forbidden to run downstairs, go down a slide and take a hurdle during a walk because it leads to deformation of forepaws. Don't allow small children to walk with a puppy and an adult dog: the adult has to walk a dog. Never leave the puppy or older dog without supervision on the street or near a shop - DOGS ARE OFTEN STOLEN.

Attention! Dear lady-dogs owners, never unleash your pets during estrus.

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