How to Choose Dog Harness for English Bulldog

Make the Right Choice, Choose the Ideal Harness for Your Bulldog!

Dog harnesses become more popular with every passing day. How many disputes and disagreements are about this dog equipment! From the harness does harm to Bulldog's health on out to the harness takes toll on Bulldog obedience. Let's try to find out together how to choose the right dog harness, why does the dog need the harness and how to train your dog to wear the harness.

English Bulldog Harness UK

English Bulldog with Light-Weighted Leather Harness

Starting with the choice:

All Bulldog harnesses are divided into 2 main categories:

1. Strong, reliable and comfortable dog harnesses for dog training.

2. Dog walking harnesses for daily activities and dog shows or rings. If strong dog harnesses are mainly used for dog sport and training sessions, dog walking harnesses replace a dog collar as usual. Dog walking harnesses are of two types, with back plate or back strap.

Why do handlers prefer harnesses for Bulldogs?

First, Bulldog puppies, which haven't been trained to walk on a leash yet, are impulsive and hot-spirited, they may pull on the leash and choke themselves with the collar. Harsh jerks with the collar on, unfortunately, may lead to trachea trauma and even worth, to C-spike trauma. It doesn't matter in this case, who is guilty, the dog or its frightened owner.

English Bulldog Harnesses UK

English Bulldog Leather Harness for Reliable Control

Second, you can always take up the puppy by the harness on your hands easily and safely. Third, the leash is less knotted in dog's legs when it's attached to the harness. The main rule of Bulldog harness choosing is dog comfort. It is very important to pick up not only perfect fit of the harness, which doesn't rub, but also the harness, which doesn't twist its paws, doesn't press its plate-bones down. Bulldog should feel comfort being harnessed, inner side of Bulldog harness should be soft and pleasant to touch, edges should be smoothed and well processed. Bulldog puppy should move freely and feel no discomfort with the harness. If you see that the harness rub your Bulldog's body with time, this means it became too small for the dog.

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English Bulldog Harness of Nylon for Everyday Use

How to Train Bulldog Puppy to Walk with Harness?

As we have already mentioned, there are two types of Bulldog harnesses. It depends on the harness type you've chosen, how to train your Bully to walk with the harness. If you have Bulldog harness, which is put on through the head, like a collar and is fastened with the help of buckles on the dog's body, then the process of dog harness training is like with collar, or muzzle training. Of course, you need dog treats.

1. Let you Bulldog puppy get acquainted with the harness, to sniff it, but don't allow playing with this outfit. When Bulldog puppy becomes indifferent to the harness, it's high time for you to start training process.

2. Pass your hand through the harness so that Bulldog could pass its head following the treat. Don't put the harness on Bulldog puppy by yourself, let the dog do it. Praise and treat your Bully as soon as its head is already in the harness. Do this procedure for several times till Bulldog runs to the harness when sees it to put on.

English Bulldog Dog Harness

Ultimate Nylon Harness for English Bulldog Training

3. Now you can fasten the harness. Treat, praise and play with your Bully when the buckle is already locked. Don't allow your Bulldog to take the harness of under any circumstances, but remember that it's also forbidden to punish the puppy so that the harness didn't associated with negative emotions. Try to distract your Bully with interactive dog toys, exercises. You may also walk your Bully with the harness. This will help you to draw your Bulldog's attention off the harness – there are so many interesting things outside!

4. Take off the harness when your Bulldog puppy doesn't pay attention on it any more.

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