How to Teach English Bulldog the "Sit" Command

English Bulldog Training to Sit

Take a fistful of small dog treats and put them into a plate an hour-two before meals.

1. Let your Bulldog smell a treat, move the treat, which you hold in hand from side to side so that the dog would reach after a delicacy, then reward your Bully with the treat.

English Bulldog Training to Run the Sit Command

English Bulldog Is Trained to Run the "Sit" Command

2. Let your English Bulldog to smell tasty dog treat and then move your hand holding the yummy piece from the dog's nose to the back of its head, between the ears. Bulldog will throw back its head and will start moving back. Don't follow the dog and don't reach out your hand towards Bulldog. Tell you Bulldog: "Good boy (good girl)". If the dog moved back at a long distance, beckon it closer. If Bulldog rears onto its hind legs, don't rise up the treat, hide your hand behind the back till the dog will come down on four paws and continue English Bulldog training.

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3. The dog will sit down being tired to stand with its head thrown back or bend its hindpaws in heels. Praise the dog and treat it.

4. Repeat the exercise 3-5 times, treating your Bulldog every time it sits down.

5. Tell "Sit" as soon as English Bulldog has sat down. Give the dog treat and say: "Good boy (good girl), sit"! Tell "Walk" in a few seconds (dog commands "Sit" and "Walk" are repeated once).

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6. Do as if you take Bulldog treat in your right hand and move it to the back of dog's head. As soon as your English Bulldog has sat down tell magic words: "Good boy (good girl), sit!", then remove your right hand and take the treat with your left hand and give it to the dog. If English Bulldog had stood up, move your hand to the back of its head again, but with dog treat this time and reward your Bulldog as soon as it has sat down. Dog command "Walk" comes in a few seconds. Repeat this exercise 3-5 times until you can move your right hand with no treat between Bulldog's ears and give the treat with your left hand.

Don't forget to give dog command "Walk" at the end of every exercise. Praise your awesome Bulldog and let it have rest. However repeat exercise number 6 before feeding the dog. Do in such a way for several days.

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