English Bulldog Harness with Handle or Without?

English Bulldog Harness – with or Without Handle?

Does your Bulldog need a harness with handle or without it? It depends upon size, age, character and the activity your dog is involved in. We hope that this article will help you to find out what kind of harness is more suitable for your paw friend.

English Bulldog Harness with Handle

English Bulldog harness with handle is the ideal choice for the dog, which pulls on the lead, is active and strong and needs constant control. Such a harness is also perfect for naughty, aggressive or nosey Bulldogs. This harness will become a reliable tool to hold the dog securely close to you by grabbing it of the handle. Thus you will prevent undesirable or dangerous situations when walk and train Bulldog.

The handle is also useful when you cross the road. Your dog will be safe when you hold the handle of the harness.

The harness with handle is suitable for medium and large Bulldogs. It is indispensible gear for protection, agitation and attack work as well. The harness is used by special units for police, K9, SAR and military dogs.

Best Type of Harness for Bulldog

The handle is placed at the top of the harness. It is very convenient and harmless to hold, but extra strong, finely stitched to the harness and reliable. It won't fail you at crucial moment. If you need the harness that will provide total control over the Bulldog, the model with handle is the very attribute for this purpose.

Bulldog harness without handle has no less wide usage. It is a great solution for young Bulldogs and puppies walking and training. Remember only that it is forbidden to harness a puppy in the age under 6 months so that not to deform its fore feet.

The harness with no handle is suitable for walks, training sessions, service work and sport as well. You can put it on your Bulldog if it is well trained, even-tempered and obedient. This is a perfect variant for Bulldog, which has no problems with leash pulling and other behavioral issues.

Both models of Bulldog harnesses are durable, hard-wearing and functional. It is up to your dog and intended use of the harness you need it for.

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