English Bulldog Training and Care

How to Train, Educate and Take Care of Your English Bulldog Puppy

Finally English Bulldog puppy is at your home. Be ready for fundamental changes in your life for many years.

What difficulties you may face with during Bulldog training and upbringing?

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In spite of many other dog breeds, the problem is not in social integration. English Bulldog breed is genetically adapted to humans and to depend on them while living in a flat or in a house. You'll be astonished when see how your small puppy even faltering on its paws know where its toilet and dog feeder are, which toys are allowed to play with and which not in a few hours!

Anyhow, English Bulldog needs basic training and education. It depends on you only whether your English Bulldog becomes a capricious diehard, disturbance or even a menace for other people and animals or it will be a dignified and serious friend, which you can take along to public places with no trouble.

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English Bulldog Training and Safe Walking Harness

English Bulldog upbringing is began with loose housing system. No open-air cages and chains or outdoor keeping. English Bulldog is a dog with highly-developed standards of social behavior, it should be kept at home in the family. English Bulldogs are dogs of pleasure. They enjoy greatly when they can slug with you on a sofa or in an armchair.

Your sweet puppy will turn into a serious 30-kg dog with huge and strong jaws. Obstinacy and growl of your pet won't seem a joke to you. Nip in the bloom the efforts of your dog to get spoiled. But never punish rough the dog even if it peed on your favorite carpet or chewed your slipper. It's your fault increasingly. You just haven't kept an eye on your dog. Believe, it will be enough to explain the dog explicitly and tenderly what behavior is right and what is wrong. Rudeness and cruel punishments will turn your Bulldog either into cowed gosling or into aggressive ignoramus.

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It's quite easy to teach your English Bulldog the standards of behavior in a flat. First 2-3 months of your attention and patience are the most important. Love your dog and it will be devoted and obedient in turn. We urge you to study literature about puppy training and put value on Bulldog trainers advice.

One more point. Your favorite furniture, chairs', armchairs' legs, your shoes and carpets will always be safe and sound if your Bully has enough of dog toys (dog balls, dog chew toys, dog squeaker toys) and various dog chew bones and dog chew treats you can find in any pet store.

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Far more difficulties and worries you have to tide over during Bulldog's growth and shaping. English Bulldog's body structure has defining characteristics. Bulldog has short and flat muzzle, it snores asleep; it suffers from heavy breathing, that's why the dog can't work hard, can't stand long or fast-speed walks, hot or cold weather is an acid test for English Bulldog. Don't let your Bully to be exhausted. Physical and psychic over loads have severe consequences, which can be beyond to correct.

If English Bulldog had got a heat stroke once, it becomes more sensitive to high temperatures in future.

Bulldog's heart is weak. If you need a partner for morning runs or cycling, this is not the very dog by no means.

English Bulldog is formed by 2 years. Pay attention on its joints, ligaments and limbs forming. Bulldogs are obesigenic. Overweight is harmful for young and weak joints and ligaments. Avoid stairs, especially going downstairs as long as possible. If there is no way round it, sweep up your Bully as long as it's possible till it grows up. Ligament tensions, orthopedic traumas are be of frequent occurrence with this dog breed.

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English Bulldogs (especially white color dogs) are highly allergic. First spring greenery and flowers, direct summer sunlight can occasion your Bulldog and you a lot of trouble. You should always have a first aid kit for dogs at hand in any event.

Healthy feeding is one of the most important points for English Bulldog's healthy growth and shaping. It's your choice either to feed your Bulldog with dry dog kibble of with natural dog food. Study this question from every side. Consider your vet's opinion. Consult English Bulldog breeders and experienced owners. Choose one feeding system and don't mix all the methods of English Bulldog feeding under any circumstances. Don't forget about essential dog vitamins and minerals: right dosage is a formula for health and energy of your Bulldog.

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One last thing. If you are a beginner in English Bulldog breeding, keep in touch with Bulldog breeder you have bought the puppy from constantly. Experienced specialist is always ready to give you rational advice with pleasure whatever the circumstances.

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