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5 of 5 Stars!Dear Julia, I just had to email you to say we've received the harness n lead. We couldn't be more pleased it's beautiful, the quality, the finish, everything. Thank you. Terri, UK
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The Olde English Bulldogge is a renewed breed that is similar to Bulldogs of the 18th century, but with non-aggressive temper of today's English Bulldog. Olde Bulldogge is a half of English Bulldog and a half of Pitbull, American Bulldog and Bullmastiff. OEB of the 20th century is intended not for baiting as its ancestors. This Old Bulldog brings its owners good. The dog is an excellent companion, friend, children's defender, guardian and watchdog. Olde English Bulldogge is a perfect partner for sport - jogging and bikejoring. It is also good at agility and springpole.

Present-day Bulldogge has some features of its old folks that is why the dog needs serious training and discipline from the early puppyhood, but without power and rudeness using.

If your Bully chews everything, don't scold it, get enough Bulldog chew toys instead. The dog needs also long walks and active games. Arm yourself with patience and your Bulldogge with quality equipment and start training sessions today to have a well-mannered and obedient dog tomorrow!

English Bulldog Leash or Harness

Leather Dog Harness for Olde English Bulldog

Our professional craftsmen created special collection of dog supplies for Olde English Bulldog. Some info about our products.

Harnesses. They are very popular among handlers and professional trainers because of highest possible security, functionality, comfort and modern design. Every Old English Bulldog harness in our dog shop is made according to the breed's body structure. Our harnesses are of selected leather and nylon, with or without decor. They are suitable for puppies, young and adult Bulldogs. Walking, training, working and sport harnesses. Warm harnesses for cold weather and harnesses for Bulldog support and rehabilitation. Harnesses for pulling and muscles development. You will certainly find the best dog harness for Olde English Bulldog in our store!

Collars. Our Old English Bulldog collars are made of dog-friendly materials, such as leather, nylon and metal. We offer classic collars and collars of exclusive design and adornment. We also have special behavior correction collars, which are intended for Bulldogs that need more strict obedience training. We have a variety of collars for any taste and budget!

Leashes. Durable, reliable and functional leashes of classic and fashionable design. For one, two or even three Old English Bulldogs! Made of selected leather, nylon or metal. Sport, show, walking, working and training models.

Muzzles. Exclusive muzzles for Olde Bulldogge walking, training, work and behavior correction. Metal, leather and nylon muzzles. Absolutely safe. Maximum comfortable. Produced according to Bulldog's muzzle structure. No discomfort. Allow the dog feel free being muzzled!

We also have a wide choice of toys for Olde English Bulldogge training, mental and physical development, oral care and entertaining. Every toy is super solid, dog-friendly and intended for long-term use.

If you're going to train your Bulldog, then pay attention to our training equipment. Bite tugs of genuine leather, jute, French Linen and fire hose. Bite sleeves, clickers, whistles, dumbbells and other training tools for dogs. We also have professional bite ant training suits for trainers.

Choose our grooming accessories to take care of your Bulldog's coat and nails. Let your Bully look always well-groomed with our specialized tools!

Dog Grooming Brush of Wood Groovy Ball Dog Toy Dog Bite Tug

There are 3 steps of successful online purchasing:

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2. Got the measurements? Fill them in the attributes at the top of the product page.

3. You can always contact us via our e-mail info@english-bulldog-dog-breed-store.co.uk if English Bulldog leash or harness doesn't fit your pet. Our customer support will answer all your questions, will help you to choose the most suitable product for the dog and will make an exchange if needed!

You can also choose one of two shipping ways:

Register Mail Service (6-12 business days)

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Instructional Video of Bulldog Sizing for a Harness

Pulling and Training Leather Harness for Bulldog - Review

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