Prong Collar for Bulldog or a Choker?

Choose Choke or Prong Collar for Bulldog

Is your Bulldog naughty or aggressive? Does the dog pull on the leash or refuses to run your commands? Professionals use and recommend choke and pinch collars to correct Bulldog's behavior. Which one to get?

English Bulldog Choke Collar

English Bulldog choke collar is used to teach the dog leash manners, to train obedience and to stop jumping or attack people and animals while outings. The collar is suitable for "Heel" command training as well.

How does choke collar work? A choker is a loop, which is tightened around Bulldog's neck when its pulls or you jerk a lead. A loose ring which is at one end of the collar slides along and tighten it. A fixed ring is for leash attachment. The collar won't act and it will be loosen if your Bulldog walks calm and doesn't pull.

There are choke chains of various metals and alloys and collars of one, round or two-ply leather. Chain with small links is suitable for medium Bulldog and the collar with large links - for large and strong Bulldog.

Pinch collar for English Bulldog is intended for strict training and behavior issues correction.

How does pinch collar work? It consists of prongs, which press on Bulldog's neck at leash pulling or jerking. They don't put pressure constantly. Prongs are highly-polished and have no sharp ends. The collar's action is based on natural instincts because its pressing reminds mother-dog teeth. Pinch collars are harmless and not violent when they are made by professionals and used in a proper way.

There are prong collars with short, long prongs and neck tech collars. The larger your Bulldog is, the longer prongs you choose.

Prong Collar English Bulldog

How to use pinch collar correctly?

Never leave your Bulldog alone with the pinch collar on.

Choose a correct size of the pinch collar and it won't do harm to your Bulldog.

Never try to put the pinch collar on over Bulldog's head, otherwise you may cause injuries to the pet's eyes.

Wear the collar behind Bulldog's ears and under the jaw line.

The collar is used for Bulldog training only and not for daily walking.

Don't leave your Bulldog tightened on the lead with the collar on.

Pinch or choke collar doesn't suit for Bulldog puppy under 6 months. They can hurt its neck and trachea. Ask advice of experienced dog trainer before chocker or prong collar purchasing. Use the collar under trainer's control if required.

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