All About The French Bulldog Breed

Some Important Points About French Bulldogs

French Bulldog is one of the most elite dog breeds, which enjoys popularity among the fanciers of small dogs with peculiar exterior. French Bulldogs are good friends, they like companionship and communication with people. What is the origin of these wonderful, cheerful and vigorous dogs?

About French Bulldog Breeding

It is known that French Bulldog was breed in the late 19th century by English Bulldog breeders, although the English remain opponents of this name supposing that it is only English Bulldog, who can be called by such a name.

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There is an opinion that Bulldog breeders decided to relieve English Bulldog of fighting qualities and a new dog breed - French Bulldog was appeared as a result.

According to another version, Alans were connected with the new dog breed. Few people guess that French Bulldog breeding led to great popularity of these dogs and their cost exceeded the cost of an auto sometimes.

How to Take Care of French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs have prominent eyes, this peculiarity binds every French Bulldog owner to be very attentive because the eyes can be injured during walks.

Keep in Mind

The representatives of French Bulldog breed have heavy head that is why it is not worth making your Bully to swim in water ponds otherwise it can swim like a stone because of the head and the dog can drown.

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Besides, French Bulldog has short hair that is why you should walk the dog in warm dog clothes in winter. Don't leave your Bully alone in the car, it can freeze.

What and How to Feed French Bulldog?

French Bulldog feeding isn't very difficult, but it is important to know some rules. These dogs have good appetite, however you should remember that it is harmfully to overfeed French Bulldogs. You should increase the quantity of proteins in dog food to prevent French Bulldog freezing during walks in cold season.

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It is necessary to add in French Bulldog's diet meat, bones in small amounts, by-products, which you can boil and give with cheese and don't forget about fish, fruit and vegetables.

About French Bulldog's Health

The main problem with French Bulldog health is breathing difficulty, which can be caused by different reasons. This owes to small nose of French Bulldogs and a plenty of sinuses and bones. It is not worth curing on your own initiative, you should always address the French Bulldog vets.

It is a great piece of luck to be the owner of French Bulldog as this is the dog which can always cheer you up!

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