Bulldog Agility

Rules and Tools for Bulldog Agility

Do you want to make real friends with your Bulldog and to understand each other at a glance? Then you need to start Bulldog agility course immediately! We will tell you about this amazing kind of dog sport while you are thinking whether to go to dog agility training school or not.

Agility Competitions for Dogs

Agility Competitions for Bulldogs and Other Breeds

Agility is a kind of dog sport, where the canine and its owner take part. They both need to pass an agility course without mistakes in the shortest time. Dog handler – the owner or specialist takes part in competitions.

The History of Dog Agility

The first agility tricks were shown as an entertainment in the late 1970s at the Crufts Dog Show in England. It was John Varley's idea, who offered to make a show with dogs during breaks between rings. Dogs should overcome obstacles like horses at contests. John and Peter Meanwell created the program of obstacles, barriers, tunnels and jumps, then, John told several breeders to prepare their dogs for passing this obstacle course. The show scored a great success, that's why soon agility became an official dog sport.

Dog Agility Competition Rules

1. Bulldog should be eager of taking part in competitions, compulsion is out of place here.

2. Bulldog should run without toys, treats and any other rewards.

3. Handler can guide and control Bulldog only with voice and gestures.

4. It is forbidden to touch Bulldog or agility equipment.

Dog Agility Obstacles

Obstacle Course for Bulldog Agility Competitions

5. Show managers have to give the participants dog agility course maps. All dog agility competitions have different courses, that's why the participants are allowed to do test trial. This will help to make the right plan that leads Bulldog and handler to victory. 6. The two have only one try. The participants can't pass the course once again during one competition.

7. Judges consider speed, accuracy and technique of obstacle course overcoming.

8. Penalty points are incurred for faults.

Dog Agility Levels

There are 3 levels in dog agility.

The first one is a Novice level. There are from 14 to 16 obstacles at this level. Bulldogs, which aren't certified, take part at this stage.

The second one is an Open level. Here is up to 18 obstacles. Certified Bulldogs take part at this level.

Dog Agility Levels

Dog Agility Competitions Are Hold at Various Levels

Excellent level is the third stage of dog agility competitions. There are up to 20 obstacles at this level. Bulldogs, which won 3 times at the second level, take part at this stage.

Secret of Success in Bulldog Agility

Caress and praise are the main Bulldog controllers during trials. You have to do your best to reach mutual understanding between your Bulldog and you and to train the dog regularly.

Interesting Facts about Bulldog Agility

Bulldogs, which do agility, are more obedient and disciplined. Two useful and pleasant moments are combined in this kind of dog sport: communication with your Bulldog and physical training. Agility is an interesting hobby and excellent opportunity to spend much time with Bulldog and other handlers.

Dog Agility Obstacles and Equipment

Dog agility A-frame – 2 broad planks hinged together and raised forming A shape. Bulldog should climb and go down the frame. Usually, its height is 1-2 m.

Tunnel – a tube about 6 m long. Bulldog should run through the tube.

Jump – a bar, over which Bulldog jumps.

Dog Agility Equipment UK

Agility Tunnel, Which Dog Should Run Through

Table (pause table) – a platform of 1 sq. m. Bulldog must jump onto it and pause.

Weave poles – similar to slalom series of poles, through which Bulldog weaves.

Teeter Totter – one of the most difficult obstacles. It’s look like children’s seesaw. Bulldog should walk over this board.

Bulldog Agility Competition Classes

Standard – the simplest agility course of 15-22 obstacles.

Snooker – the course with numbered obstacles, which mean points for their overcoming.

Joker (Jackpot) – the course, where the handler guides Bulldog at a certain distance, trying not to step over a limiting line.

Dog Agility Weave Poles

Weave Poles at a Distance, Which the Dog Should Glide

Team or Relay – when two or three teams (Bulldogs with handlers) pass an obstacle course and exchange a baton between sections.

Jump or Jumping - consists of various jumps.

Bulldogs' Trainer Opinion

- From what age Bulldog agility training is allowed?

Age is of no importance. Bulldog puppies can be trained for agility. The earlier your Bulldog will start agility training, the more chances it will have to reach good results.

- How to choose dog agility level?

Every Bulldog is the most skillful for his (her) owner, that's why it is better to consult with Bulldog trainer for objective estimation when choosing the level of agility training. Start from the simplest level any way.

- Is agility training suitable for every Bulldog?

Bulldogs are more skillful than people if to speak about motion. They can repeat some action rather easy. Hard educated Bulldog is rare occurrence. Bulldogs like agility training in most cases.

Dog Agility Seesaw UK

Teeter Totter and A-Frame for Bulldog Agility Training and Trials

- Can Bulldog owners always come into needed contact with their dogs?

Most often Bulldogs stop agility training classes attending because their owners don't want to train further. Sometimes Bulldog owners have lack of time and communicative skills to develop their dogs' talents. Trainer can teach the owner to communicate with the dog, but, unfortunately, often and often the person tires of dog sports having been faced with first difficulties.

- What is the secret of successful "Bulldog-owner" relationship?

It's all about the owner's desire. If the person wants to reach the results, he or she will do it. Arm yourself with patience, work diligently and you'll certainly succeed!

Useful equipment for Bulldog agility training, click on the pictures!

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