My Puppy Scared of Other Dogs

Why Does My Bulldog Puppy Afraid of Other Dogs?

I have a Bulldog puppy. It's afraid of other dogs when we walk. The puppy lies on back when the other dog comes up to it. Why does it happen?

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Many Bulldog puppies' owners ask this question and that's ok. This is the way of dogs' behaviour - younger have respect for seniors.

Little puppy will never show its superiority over the older Bulldog. This is very good that your little Bully communicates with the other dogs and they show the pet its own place.

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Don't try to interpret dogs' gestures by human reckoning. When older Bulldog wrests your young Bully to the ground it is nothing more than the elder teach the youth: give up your seat to a senior, don't walk around in the dark etc. Elder dogs just teach the younger ones.

So don't worry if your young Bulldog doesn't bark or attack the older dog. All that you need is to watch the other dog wouldn't be aggressive because some dogs can overrate their strength and hurt your Bully during educational process.

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That's why it's better to use dog accessories, like Bulldog harness, Bulldog collar, Bulldog muzzle and Bulldog leash when you walk or train your puppy to avoid such occasions and to control the behaviour of your Bully.

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When you use a harness or a collar together with a dog leash you can take up the puppy in any moment to escape stricky situation. Your little Bully can get absorbed in playing and to provoke the other dog. But when the puppy is harnessed it's you who take control over the situation.

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It's very important for you as the owner to help in your puppy's socialization without psychological traumas. Choose a proper puppy harness, puppy collar, leash and the muzzle (the last one will help to prevent picking up, eating from the ground) and walk your little Bully with pleasure!

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