English Bulldog Puppy Toys - How to Choose the Right Ones?

What Dog Toys Does Your Bulldog Puppy Need?

Every careful Bulldog owner wants his or her puppy to have all the necessary things for healthy growing and development and toys are one of them. Toys for puppies and grown-up Bulldogs are alike, but there are still some differences.

English Bulldog Puppy Toys

Safe Bite Tug for Bulldog Puppy Training

Why Do Bulldog Puppies Need Toys?

Puppies in age of 2.5–3 months always chew something. It is because of second dentition. If you don't want your Bully to spoil shoes, furniture and other subjects that are not for chewing, then you need to get dog toys for your puppy. Dogs chew things not only because of dentition, but also of their nature. Puppies are pleased and happy while chewing. Thus they learn the world around through by tasting the subjects.

It is very important to show your Bulldog puppy in time what things are allowed to chew and what are not, otherwise, chewing will turn into a bad habit and when the dog will grow up, it will continue chewing everything.

American Bulldog Puppy Toys

Solid Rubber Ball on Rope for Training and Interactive Games

Toy is a link between the puppy and its owner. Collaborative games are the ways of communication and relations building.

Toys are needed for Bulldog puppy training, which should be started as early as possible. Training has to be interesting and Bulldog should associate it with something good and pleasant. These are Bulldog toys that may evoke positive associations in puppy, turning training into interesting and entertaining game.

Kinds of Bulldog Puppy Toys

Tasty puppy chew toys and treats (f.e. rawhide treats). They satisfy puppy's need for chewing and keep its teeth clean. The puppy chews such a toy and eats it gradually. These toys should be chosen carefully because some of them can contain dangerous for puppy health substances. By the way, it is better not to give your puppy hard to chew dog treats like bones or hooves, which can damage its teeth. The puppy will suffer from pain and the owner can get to know this only in a few weeks.

Best Bulldog Puppy Treats

Natural Chew Treats for Bulldog Puppy

Many Bulldog puppies love toy balls and Frisbee disks. Active games with dog toy balls are useful for physical development. However, balls and disks are better being chosen for energetic puppies.

Dog bite tugs are allowed for Bulldogs after second dentition to avoid overbite. Bite tugs are intended for full mouth grip development and they are used for Bulldog training only.

Squeaky dog toys are very popular. Puppies like to play with them, but they lose interest in them as soon as a squeaker has been removed. Choose not so loud dog toys with squeakers.

Interactive puppy toys entertain little pets when they stay at home alone. Such toys are also very helpful for boredom and anxiety reducing. Your puppy will be busy for a long time while playing with the toy.

Bulldog Puppy Chew Toys

Bulldog Puppy Chew Toy with Treats

Dog water balls and unsinkable balls are suitable for Bulldogs that like to play in water.

Soft puppy toys take up canine's odour that is why little Bulldogs like to play and sleep with them. These toys may act as heaters by warming puppy when it has been taken from mother. Bully will have more peaceful sleep with such a toy, feeling the warmth, but soft toy can be dangerous. There is stuffing inside of the toy, which can be swallowed by puppy if it has been torn. That is why it is better to watch your Bully when it plays with soft toys. Besides, Bully can also take pillows and other soft things for toys and spoil them.

How to Choose the Right Toy for Your Bulldog Puppy?

The main criterion of choice is safety. The toy should be produced of non-toxic, hypoallergic and dog-friendly materials so that the puppy could chew and bite it without any harm to health. The toy shouldn't have bad smell and dyes shouldn't be toxic.

Best Toys for English Bulldog Puppy

Unsinkable Ball of Indian Rubber for Water Games

If to speak about the materials, the safest, the strongest and the most durable are Bulldog puppy toys of Indian rubber, foam and textile. Rubber toys aren't of long-term use and it is better to choose the toys of soft rubber because pieces of stiff rubber toys become hard, causing intestinal obstruction when they get inside. As a result, these pieces can be taken out surgically.

It is better to choose molded toys without excessive details. Little Bulldogs prefer soft toys, but pay attention to the pile length when buy the toy. Toys with low pile are safer. Poorly fixed details should be removed. The other kinds of toys have also to be rather soft and safe for puppy’s teeth to avoid traumatizing.

When you choose the toy for your puppy, bear in mind, that it is your canine, who should be engaged with the toy first of all. You may seem the toy is boring, but it can become the most favorite and entertaining one for your Bully. The choice depends also on the size and playful behavior of your puppy.

Dog Frisbee Disk

Frisbee Disk for Active Bulldogs

The puppy shouldn't be able to swallow the toy. The size of the toy should be twice bigger than your puppy's mouth opened. Don't buy cat toys for your Bulldog puppy because they are not so durable. Cats aren't so strong at least.

If Bulldog puppy has already chewed the toy and taken it to pieces, the next one it will chew faster, knowing how it is organized. That is why it is better to buy different models.

Don't buy many similar models for the first time because the puppy may even show no interest in them. Choose durable puppy toys that will serve for a long time to save your money.

It is known that dogs identify blue and yellow colors, the other colors they see in various shades of grey and in white and black. That's why it is better to give preference to blue and yellow puppy toys as your Bully will pay more attention to them. This will help you in Bulldog puppy training.

What Toys Are Forbidden for Bulldog Puppy?

Don't allow your Bully to play with Christmas decorations and icicles, which can be swallowed by him (her). It will be very difficult to take them out. There are known cases when surgical treatment was needed.

Bulldog Puppy Toys

Soft Ball for Bulldog Puppy Bite Training

Used and torn toys should be changed in time, otherwise the puppy can swallow their parts and have intestinal obstruction.

Worn-out slippers, shoes and other clothes are also unsuitable for games because when your puppy is grown up it will think that your new shoes are also allowed for chewing.

Remember, it is wrong just to offer the toy to your puppy and leave it alone. Show how to play with the toy and your Bully will be engaged with it.

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