How to Train My English Bulldog - 10 Important Rules

10 Most Important Rules of English Bulldog Training

Many Bulldog owners want their dogs to extend their potential and to do more than they already can do. Of course, you can ask a professional Bulldog trainer for help, but you can also train your English Bulldog yourself. Just learn some important rules, which will help you to make your Bulldog training more effective and easier.

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Rule #1. Don't allow your Bulldog to do what it was already forbidden to do earlier. F.e., you don't allow the dog to chew your shoes, but unwelcome guests are at your home now and you let your English Bulldog to chew their boots. Such methods may confuse your Bully and it will chew your shoes the next time.

Rule #2. When you give a command to English Bulldog you have to wait until the dog runs it. F.e., you give a command "Sit" but Bully hadn't run it. You don't need to give another one command in this case, you have to teach the dog to run the first one you've given before. Fix positive result with a treat or a clicker.

Rule #3. Don't change the command or training method when you teach English Bulldog to remember a certain command. F.e., your Bully can stand on two legs using a chair as a support, but you want the do to do it without a unsupported. You have to change the command running step by step, because such tryouts may lead to forgetting the command.

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Rule #4. Connect with your English Bulldog. Spend a good deal of your time with the dog, walk, play, praise the Bulldog. This will help you in English Bulldog training.

Rule #5. Don't lie to Bully and don't leave it alone for a long time. The dog should feel the presence of its owner and to be on the same wavelength with him or her.

Rule #6. You have to remember that correct dog command running depends on you and not on your Bulldog. If you hadn't explained and trained you English Bulldog wrong, the result would be the same.

Rule #7. The topmost rule of Bulldog training is your care. Every dog needs tender loving care, especially during training.

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Rule #8. Keep constant control of your English Bulldog. The dog may lose its cool in a certain situation and you have to be alert at all times.

Rule #9. You have to know your Bulldog's powers. Don't try to get from your Bully more than it can give you.

Rule #10. The last one. Don't lose your Bulldog's faith and respect. Don't shout or take it out on the dog. Otherwise, everything you've done with your Bulldog would be for nothing.

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