English Bulldog Collar of Brass or Curogan?

Choose Curogan or Brass Chain Dog Collar for Bulldog

English Bulldog dog collars of metal are used for dog shows and obedience training. The chain is recommended for trained Bulldog, which refuses to obey suddenly.

Curogan Dog Collars

Metal dog chain collars belong to chokers. There are two weld rings at the ends of a chain. One of them serves for collar tightening when Bulldog pulls on the leash or disobeys. The other is for lead attachment. This ring should be placed on the back of the dog's neck. The chain will tighten at leash tension only and will loosen when it is not tense.

High-quality metal collars are made of brass and curogan. Let's find out which one to get for your Bulldog.

Curogan is nickel-free, hypoallergic alloy of copper and tin. It is safe for skin and coat of Bulldog. Curogan dog collar is the very accessory for the dog with delicate skin. It won't provoke allergy and won't color light or white hair of your Bulldog.

The collar has luxurious look due to high copper content. The chain will accentuate your Bulldog's beauty and nobility.

Curogan chain collar is break-resistant and will stand your strong dog's power. It is honed down to prevent any discomfort and to be absolutely harmless.

Brass Chain Dog Collars

Brass dog chain collar is no less rich looking and attractive. It shines like gold and adds rich look to the dog.

Brass is the alloy of copper and zinc. It is pleasant to touch, but high-tensile. Long links of the chain won't damage your Bulldog's coat that is very important for keeping the dog's exterior in perfect condition.

The collar doesn't cause discoloration. Highly-polished links won't hurt the dog. Your Bulldog will feel comfy with this chain on.

Both collars are intended for medium and large Bulldogs. They are safe and reliable in use. The chains are resistant to rust, however it is not recommend to wet them because they may fade under constant influence of water. Which one chain to purchase depends on your dog's type of skin and your taste.

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