How to Teach English Bulldog the "Stand" Command

English Bulldog Training to Run the "Stand" Command

1. Give the command "Sit", put out your hand with a treat to the Bulldog and let it smell a tasty piece that you hold. Then push the treat under your Bulldog's chin. Praise and treat English Bulldog as soon as it stands up. Repeat for several times.

English Bulldog Training to Stand on Command

Well Trained English Bulldog Stands at Command

2. You do the same actions as described above, but now you tell the command "Stand!" then "Good boy (girl), stand" and treat the dog when your English Bulldog stands up. Watch your Bulldog not to go forward when it stands up. If Bully has taken a step forward, push it back with your hand, which you hold the treat by touching its nose. The Bulldog will take a step back and you'll treat it.

English Bulldog Training to Run Commands

Be Patient and You'll Teach Your English Bulldog to Stand

3. Now train your English Bulldog to stand up from the position "Down". Put the treat to the Bulldog's nose and telling the command "Stand" (now you tell the command at once) raise the treat up and a bit forward. Bulldog should sit down and stand up right away. Push a bit the dog by touching its nose with the treat in your hand. Praise and treat your Bulldog as soon as it takes a short step back. Repeat this exercise for several times.

You may notice that your English Bulldog has learned to run the commands "Sit" and "Down" clearly, but it stands up only to get the treat and it almost doesn't know this command. It's OK. There is more time needed for the dog to learn the command "Stand".

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